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Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and just wanted to say what's up and that i've been away from tables for a bit do to some family and life stuff. had been playing well before stopping but hadn't been making much gains after having to withdraw most of my profits. So i'm back to grinding the low level micro MTT's on PP and have only played 1 run so far and it's started off off quite well.

PLaying a 0.55 cent 150$ gtd KO and am currently 6/159 with 5 BoutiES covering my buy-in so now freerolling and have a s**t load of chips to make some gains.

one of the big hands that started me rolling was hitting 1 outer on flop against with pocket 8's vs A8 and xx 2 opponents for boat and holds up for 2 bounties and more than double up!
Be back with some updates along the way!

ouch just lost with Big Slick vs QJ hit top pair on flop they hit 2 pair on river and 64k for my chips gone now top 30 still.

quick bounce back after losig almost 80K over 2 hands.

Just hit a double bounty KO! Hit nut flush on Turn! and now 7 bounties (tied for most in tournament!) collected for 0.70 cents on 1 bullet of 0.55cent so profitable game so far and maybe hit cash and

Now top 10 again after falling out of top 50!

Took a shot with AQ suited and ran up against KK he turns Boat and game over. made a few cents on Bounties so not for nothing but obvs disappointed. Played it stupidly and paid for it.

Good luck out there Mobsters!

Edited by TheIrish77 (31 July 2017 @ 19:28 GMT)

Again a new message from our interesting player !! ... good luck to you in this tournament ... you play well and go to the leaders ... a good chance for a good final place .... good luck in the game and I hope to read about the win soon Confused ... good luck in game

At first i thought you were into betting, cause i read "free bet", instead of "feet wet" Smile
You just got unlucky and didnt cash good on this one.
Nothing out of the program though.
You are of the ones that can definitely get back to it and win good Smile
Better luck next time.

You need to get lucky a couple of times to maneuver through the field of 305 entries. It was really unfortunate that your Ace Queen suited bumped into your opponent's pocket Kings. I wish you better luck next time.

It's always very frustrating when you play in a tournament for many hours and, in the space of one hand, you come crashing down due to one badly played hand. At least you know where you went wrong and can rectify it next time you play

well GG there is always next time, and new chance for new FT Blink

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