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What is the book that helped Fedor Holz most?  0   
So many times they have asked Fedor Holz which book was the most influential in his life. With so many successes in his career, reading the same books he can be a good starting point to achieve even a small part. So the question is, what is the best book for success?
Holz's response is "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. A book dating back to 1937, in which the author interviewed the 500 richest families in the United States. It is by many considered the beginning of the now popular genre of "self-help".

What the young German rescues most is how to set goals. Many times we say "I want to make money" or "I want to lose weight", but Hill talks about going a little further. Asking questions like "How do I want to do it?" Or "How much time do I have to spend?" Are fundamental, according to Holz, and are the ones that have helped him to focus correctly, especially in poker.

As a bonus, the first minutes of the video are spent in Montenegro, where he played the Triton Super High Roller Series and, as expected, had good results.

We'll have to read it, guys. And then straight to the tables!

Source: CodigoPoker

well there you go dudes, if you want to win some big cash at the poker tables, forex or stock markets just order yourself a copy of napoleon hill's book "think and grow rich" and you will be a hit in no time. i think i read this book some time ago but still waiting for my millions to fall from the sky...

Some books are good learn many useful things but to make money you do not need a book of this kind. Money is earned when you have flair or business talent. See the opportunities and start making money. Millionaires of the world made money without reading such books.

Never heard of the author or that book before.
But it is a fact, that many people crediting their achievements, to reading a book like in this
case, or getting influenced by the lives of other persons.

Some are setting goals and are able to reach them.
Some others, trying for their whole life for it with no success Smile
And some, dont even bother with it Smile

Thank you so much, perattin, for sharing the article found on CodigoPoker website. This is a very interesting article. I would definitely like to take a look inside the book mentioned in the article when I have some free time.

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Thank you for sharing this information maybe it`s time to expand my library because I never heard about this book or it`s author Question Question but that`s me to blame Aww crap! Aww crap! I will try to fin it a maybe it will be a life changing book Question Question

Will for sure give a look if I can get it Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
Stay cool and enjoy life

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