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He played the WSOP on bail and won 100k in the Main Event  0   
Incredible but real: accused of killing an employee, Paul Senat avoided jail by paying $ 35,000 bail and recovered the money by playing the WSOP Main Event, where he finished 70th and charged $ 101,444. The whole story is ridiculous, even as it barely recorded live tournament results.
Senat had more legal history than cloths (traffic violations, foreclosures and evictions, among others), but the latter case was unusual.

In his Sugar Daddy's Adult Cabaret office in Palm Springs, Florida, where he was co-owner, his AK-47 was shot, the bullet pierced a wall and hit an employee working in the adjoining room. The man, the father of a famous university football player, died in the hospital and Senat was arrested and charged with manslaughter.

But the judge of the case decided to grant him bail until the trial, which will begin on August 16, and barred him from returning to his place of work. Perhaps anticipating his future prison, Paul decided to indulge himself in traveling to Las Vegas and playing for the first time the WSOP Main Event, the World Poker Tour. Incredibly, it reached until Day 6, when it fell 70 °. But with your prize, you will also recover the expenses and you will have an extra money which, we suppose, will not come badly ...

Source: CodigoPoker

what to say on this kind of news,this only life can write,such a story!and in riht moment he choose to play WSOP and to finish on 70th position its big success for him,especially when he dont know what trial will bring to him!

An interesting story ..... killing a man is certainly a terrible event ... but apparently it did not affect the concentration of the player and he played very well ... this indicates that this person probably murder is not a crime ... it's sad

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

This is a very creapy story imagine a killer at your table with a long sentence ahead of him can take your focus for the cards at the table Evil Evil
If he got mad the things can became ugly so let him go Big Smile Big Smile
I`m just kidding the man for sure is a great poker player and no one is guilty in the court says so

If that's what the law says, that's what happens. Paid that amount of 35.000 $ he was out of jail and could have killed someone else. You make a crime you get 7 years in jail after 5 years you free and victim is dead. The law is made after the miserable who lead us. Criminals, violators or pedophiles need to stop for play in live tournaments. I would confiscate the killer's money and donated to the victim family

BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » He played the WSOP on bail and won 100k in the Main Event

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