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Back at it again today and after just min-cashing a small turbo MTT now sitting top 10 deep in a Hyper-Turbo on PS.

Sitting 7th/33 currently at break and in great spot to final table this biatch!

Your boy looking good for 2nd straight day.

Here's a few of my keys hands so far...

Wish me luck boys and girls !

out in 16th. got shrot and had to make move with Q10 or atleast thats waht i told myself and i'm out. made 2$ profit but not what i was looking for obviously.

On to the next one !

Edited by TheIrish77 (15 August 2017 @ 19:12 GMT)

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Another good run from the canadian with the irish nickname Big Smile Big Smile Thumbs Up Worship
You are playing a very consistent poker to achieve this kind of results with some regularaty Worship
Wish you that the next post from you will be from another big result like others that you have already made Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Stay cool and enjoy life

Making a profit is always good, no matter how much that is, giving you the opportunity
to keep going on with more buy ins Smile
Good luck with your next games.
We are waiting for that first position of yours, with a big payout Smile

Congratulations, TheIrish77, on making a deep run in the $400 guaranteed tournament! It is absolutely incredible that you finish in the top 1% in the tournament. I am looking forward to hearing more success stories!

I congratulate you on a good game ... I wish you luck in the continuation of the game and I believe that you will be able to get the main prize ..... I wonder if you can not win a few days about what then you will be able to pasat on the forum ??? ... or you You win constantly ??

Another profitable day for you and many congratz on doing so. The suited connectors are always worth seeing a flop with and it was a good raise by you after he had bet the flop. Well done again to you

Gratz for you cash winning in the hyper 6-max turbo at Stars! It seems that you have the skills to rebuild a bankroll in the micro tourneys and it was a good motivation to create a personal challenge. You have enough experience in the higher levels- gl for your next games Thumbs Up

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