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that's right your boy Theirish is back at it and making moves in the PartyPoker Jackpot Freeroll 80+K Series.

Sitting top 20 at the moment and have made some big hands.

I'll Attach my most recent that has vaulted me into contention!

Wish me luck boys and girls and i'll be back once we cash.

ouch just lost big hand and around half my stack. it was going so well prior to this one hand and now back to around top 70. should still cash

Edited by TheIrish77 (19 August 2017 @ 18:29 GMT)

Doing good once more.
A double up can bring you to the top three for now.The payouts look good there also.
It is a freeroll, so no matter what you can have a profit.
Good luck. You have what it needs, to take it down Smile

Just cashed tHE LEAGUE - High School MTT 1pm on Stars. Just had this hand hold up to launch me into top 15 with over 30k stack!

I'll update these 2 runs the deeper i get!

Just hit QUADS on the river and grabbed a good load of chips!

But gave it back and more the very next hand : (

Wow what a blow up and right before bubble. Just lost all my chips only 4 before the money and i lost my stack with some really bad plays. amazing play perfect for almost 3 full hours and then blam brain farts all over the place!

Really have cost myself alot of good spots with some late play idiotics

wow just blew up also in the League High School MTT and finshed 88th. was in top 6 only minutes ago and just bombed myself out of 2 runs. Amazing how this keeps happening late in these tourneys and i keep blowing opportunities.

Edited by TheIrish77 (19 August 2017 @ 18:44 GMT)

$ 20 tournament? Confused In my opinion...this is a very low price... Angry Shock
the payout structure is is ridiculous... i think... Agree Agree Big Smile
I often play Jackpot 80+K or 95+K... in PP and WH...
MY best result is 2 sixth place... I won just a few dollars...
Big Smile Big Smile Cool the game often slow and lengtly.... because the late registration is Available to level 12.. Shock
I'm just playing because I'm bored a lot of times... Sleepy Sleepy Shock

You had been playing very well in the Jackpot freeroll at partypoker. It must have been really agonizing for you to bust out of the tournament right before the bubble. I wish you better luck next time.

It's not very interesting tournaments in terms of finances ... of course when there is not something more interesting you can try to play in such tournaments ..... but I think it's a waste of time and you could use this time for more interesting tournaments. .. but this is just my opinion .... good luck with the game

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