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I'm a member of a few sites, any of you win with free bankroll slots  0   

Any of you actually win and cash out from slot casinos with a free bankroll? I am a member of a few sites but haven't really pursued the free slot bankrolls as I figure it's a waste of time or they will try and make it impossible to cash out etc.

Anyone have success stories to share about slot only free bankrolls?


Hello there Johnnyfry, the answer to your question is that I didn't win with the free slots bankroll, but I did actually win with free-poker-bankroll and sports-betting-bankroll. Every site has wager requirements, the better sites have these clearly written in their "terms & conditions" section.

With the free poker money for example, you need to play a lot to unlock it to money that you are able to cash out, but it is doable, just try to play microstakes and keep a strict bankroll policy, but the slots however, those are really hard to have a profit after hours of playing, unless you got some jackpot triggered...but usable you bust before you could wager any goal.

GL on your quest. Thumbs Up

If you search the forum you will find a lot of success stories from Party Casino promotions. My experience with no deposit slot bankrolls is if you can get to the bonus and free spins feature then it is possible to clear the wagering requirements with a popular high pay out game like Thunderstruck two and Aztec gold. It is also good to switch games after free spins or bonus. Dollar Thumbs Up

Those offers are all of the "you have no chance, use it" type. The wagering requirements are so high, that one has to take high risks to achive anything. Make high variance bets, and hope for the best. Most of the time the free bankroll will be gone fast, but if one can land a good hit the playthrough is doable

I had several times to achieve something from free bonuses .... for example in 888poker I received from the bonus about $ 100 of profit .... and once again I casino with $ 10 bonus won 500 but there was a limit of $ 100. .... but this is only twice from many attempts

I had few winnings like this also and didnt have problem to withdraw money!they offer at least bank transfer and its enough that you get your money!on my start of playing at paddy power I used check for first cashout!

Cashing in a check may lead to some fees at the local bank. On top of that, a lot of casinos require players to make at least one deposit, before they can cash out any winnings from such promos. And the hardcore ones want you to play through that deposit a few times.

I won only a few dollars the most. After that i lost every time i won. I refer to the casino. With poker if i have a deposit bonus i win more but never more than 100 dollars. Or i was not lucky or these rooms did not let me gain more. That i have no way to know because i did not hear anyone win a big amount after bonus

Do your research before you start taking free no deposit bonuses for the casino sites.
Some of the are just a scam, dont even worth registering.

But yes you can find casinos, with no deposit bonuses that you can actually withdraw,
after the play through requirements
A good play through is one with 15x or 20x. Not a difficult one to clear,
if you get lucky with free spins.

A wagering requirement of 15x to 20x is a thing of the past in most casinos. A lot of bonuses don`t start below 40x and can easily reach three digits. So grinding through the wagering is nearly impossible.

Well my friends and fellow mobster this is you portuguese fellow mobster

The slots never were to kind to me ,to be honest they are not kind of game but at Party Casino I cleared several promo bonus nothing to big
Just got to manage the requirements in a way that I will win without putting my bankroll in risk Confused Confused
Best luck in you endeavor
Stay cool and be nice Big Smile Big Smile Smile

well nobody cant expect that this no deposit money will be completely free!ofcourse you must wager something!how would they work if they five without any restrictions!so 20,30 times isnt too much for free money!and if you wager,great for you,if not,its was free money!

Apparently shokaku, you dont know how or where to look at Smile
With a quick search that i did, i found two free bonuses with 15X and a bunch of them with 20x.

They have raised the wagering requirements in many sites, but that doesnt mean
you cant find low ones.

It is very hard to win money from no deposit casino money and such promotions, but if luck is good then anything can happen. I had no cashouts but used many trues, it is many times you need to wager your wins so in the end you need a lot of luck to have something left when wager is done.

Yep. There are some bonuses with a 15x wagering, until one reads the fine print. Cool
Usualy the 15x is only true for slots or other games with a huge house edge like Keno, and low house edge table games don't count at all, or with only 10% or 20%, making those terms effectifly 75x to 150x.

This post by perattin has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
This is not poker but casino games. And here "playing microstakes" would translate into making small bets. But that is exactly the wrong approach. The house edge will eat up the bonus and then some. Only chance is to go for high variance.

Of course the most interesting prize I had was 10 bets ........ I started playing the game South Park and I was very lucky in this game ... I got very good prizes and my winnings increased and increased ... But when he grew to $ 500 I decided to read the rules and then I was waiting for a big surprise)))

Well shokaku, you will need to read the title of the thread once more, along
with the post.
He is clearly talking about slots and slots only.
The wagering requirements i did mention, was about slots only, too.
We know that the wagering, changes when you play other games, but who cares really...
We are talking about slots, their wagering requirements and if it is possible to win
by playing them and cash out.

You are off the subject. Smile

actually as far as i can remember- no i haven't won a penny from all the free offers i got to try out this or that new slot or casino. it doesn't really matter if it was a free bankroll, free spins or anything else in the end i usually was left with a big fat $0. that's my story so far.

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