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Sitting 1st in a 360 PLayer turbo Stars late.  0   
Just cashed and hit this mosnter to take chip lead temporarily.

Looks like the run bad is out of the system for now!

Be back when i take this down!

3/12 now

FINAL TBALE HYP boys and girls !

Yes had some serious run bad but this feels right finally.

4/9 going into final table.

Be back

Out in 7th for a payout of 1.13. Good ROI this run more 10x buy-in so that's good but things just wouldn't hold late. AQ vs A2 villain hits the deuce and holds.

7th aint too bad i guess but if things just would work out like they should then i would've been 2nd chip lead and played the rest of the way much different. Oh well s**t happens.

That's it for me i guess good night and maybe be on tomorrow with some fun!

and i was down to last 0.04 cents in my acount so much needed help! lol

Edited by TheIrish77 (21 August 2017 @ 22:14 GMT)

Another fun deep run and well done again to you. The pocket sevens hand is always a difficult hand to play in early position and i think you played it well by just shoving. Congratulations again to you on your cash

Seventh place among the three hundred and sixty players is certainly a good result ... I congratulate you on the good work and wish you good luck in the game and tournaments .... of course you have very small winnings, but perhaps this is your tactic of the game? ..... good luck

Congratulations on cashing in the $0.10 buy-in tournament at PokerStars.
Pocket Sevens versus King Queen! Seven on the turn! No Nines and Aces on the river! Winning the majority of coin-flips will significantly increase a chance of taking down a multi-table tournament; however, sh*t could happen to anyone, anytime.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (22 August 2017 @ 13:59 GMT)

A good finish after all once more.
Maybe you need to move your money out, leave in, like ten cents and then
playing a tournament.
Every time you are close to 0 bankroll, you are cashing in Smile

Yes veey good to make money when playing with your last buyin, now you have 10 times to play the same tournament and maybe if you have some luck in times when you need it you can create a new bigger bankroll so you can later play bigger buyin tournaments.

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