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I am PISSED!!  0   
So i get my Luckyace poker 25.00...i get in to a10+1 tourneys & some small limit games 2 try it out..OMG..horrible response time...hands kept folding even after i clicked my horror i watched trip deuces get folded after i raised them up.. the same thing is happening @ my other table @ the same time...OMG...
so i contact customer support immediatly..letting them know what just happened...
all i got was "Im sorry" I understand your Frustration" and the usual C>S. B,.s...
im soo frickin the c.s. told me they would send an email with some tech troubleshooting ...never got the i lost my 25.00 in less than 30 minutes & never even got to enjoy it.,.
= Angry Angry

any body else have issues @ this site?

Well on the good side you got to try it for free.

Just sign up for another free offer and take your trade else where.

There are plenty of great sites out there with a good customer service. I feel sure you'll find one out there you'll be happy playing at.

As frustrating as it maybe - a week or two playing ( and winning - maybe ) at another site will mean this experience will soon be forgotten.

good luck, Dellboy.

   0 the support is pretty real good advice..yada yada ..behind ports, etc,..sorry 4 inconv...what a load of baloney...
if you value your bankroll & sanity...just skip this site..i.m.h.o. its just not worth it...
i would appreciate if any1 has input on this trying not 2 b 2 nasty about it..
sure it was free money, but it was MY free $$.... Sad

I just couldn't get on with the site either - laggy, poor graphs and multitabling is as impossible as described.

I wouldn't worry too much about this one, I think I still have money in my account from the bankroll which I'll never use, other sites are so much easier to get a long with, especially if you're sat at a table for more than 2 hours.

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