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Good day everyone and hope it's a sun shining day wherever you are in the world. My prayers and thoughts go out to those affected by Hurricane Irma this past weekend and hope some of our american friends can get through this horirble time of rebuilding.

That's right your boy TheIrish77 is back after working the past few weeks helping with the setup of the Famous Cirque du Soleil - Volta show now playing.

It was good as i lost about 14 pounds during my extremely hard work schedule of minimum 10-14 hour days. The money was totally worth it though and i can now play a bit of poker this week.

Starting off small on Party with a 0.22 cent buy-in 75$ gtd and more than 18$ up top. Just wanted to play some small ball early on to get back in the swing of things and this should be a good place to start.

Sitting 1st currently after a couple of hands worked out for me, even though i feel a bit bad on one of them.

I'll Update as we get closer to cashing in this run!

Wish me luck!

Just took back first place after losing about 7k. Had AK suited and 2 of my suits hit on flop. turned top pair and then get pushed into it and i knew something was fishy but top pair and nut flush draw wit hno boat out there i call and he turns over Pocket Aces vs my AK and lose 7k.

Just got it all back and more as i again pout to the test on river with push against my top pair and flush blockers all over the place. I held with top pair and now back to number 1 currently.

Here's the hand....

just passed the late-reg stage and add-on now. so sitting in5th of last 112 runners with 303 total entrants with over 420 rebuys as well.

Wish me luck back to it shortly.

At the break now and sitting 2/77 with top 36 paid out. Still some work to do and have 2nd biggest stack playing before me so i have advantage currently.

I'll post after cashing with next update!

Edited by TheIrish77 (11 September 2017 @ 17:57 GMT)

TheIrish77 nice work,keep going like this!great place on break and hope that you will stay on this place or to be first when payout start and then everything is possible!will come again on forum to see what is result of your tourney Thumbs Up

3/41 now with 36 paid out. making some decent hands and playing big stack well against smaller. But now have a bunch of stacks on my table but only one bigger than me a few with about half of mine.

Also about to cash a 0.55 cent on demand 25$ gtd on ACR as well. Sitting 5/30 with top 27 paid out. only 128 runners for this one so not a huge field but at least it should be done not too long from now.

2 deep runs so far in my only buy-ins on the day. Pretty good to cash both!

Nice work so far TheIrish. Keep it up and don't get too worried about the other big stacks cos they will be looking at you in a similar way. Focus on your A game and don't get drawn into anything that is going to cost you dearly. Don't engage too much and focus on your game. Good luck.... looking forward to seeing how you end up.

Bam Just had Aces and my oppenent had AK to hold and now 2nd overall and have cashed now

Now sitting 2/21

just hit top 2 pair on flop and gained about 100k to take 1st place again .

Hand is attached

It's going too well now.

Just turned the nut straight against Pocket Aces to take chip lead by 100k!

1/11 now !

Just had to lay down Aces but didnt give up much as the board texture qwas horrible for my hand 4 to straight on turn against BB. His range smelled of turned straight after smallish bet.

Good lay down for me still 1/9 forgot it's 6 max so still 3 more till some hype coming !


Just knocked out someone right away with river nut flush against smaller flush draw now down 1/4 with big stack

Now 1 of 3 with boat on turn agisnt KQ me with KJ!

Have huge chip lead with 3 to go !

Edited by TheIrish77 (11 September 2017 @ 19:38 GMT)

Take it down Smile Good luck. !!!

I did Cool

congratulation to you on another success and another win!great job for you!you love to play smaller tournaments and you almost always take some money!keep going like this and post again when you play some other tournament!

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