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Think we are both bounties tonight...

...Good luck Smile

It seems like The BankrollMob users did not understand anything you wanted to say. In that night you are with whom? Who do you want to call for callie? Explain us and ours better so we can understand this threads. In this way we can post when we know what it is about. Good luck in future IceQueenAce. Thumbs Up

Ice queen ace.... I saw you were a bounty last night along with Callie and I payed in the bounty tournament for the firs time in to about thirty fifth before limping out. I think at that time you were chip leader! How did it end up? Did you keep your bounty and did you win the top spot? Good game.

Finished about 19th or something for an $11 ticket.

The week before I got a $22 ticket for taking bounty and a $55 ticket fior finising third.
It is being good to me atm Smile

Sorry IQA missed this post, I crashed out about 40th like Damosk . Played 1 hand really bad and had no way back,congrats on your finish and let's hope we can all get a final table next week... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Yeah I was watching you both Smile

I find being a bounty in these games can be great if your cards hold, because you are guaranteed to get called, if you shove all in preflop with aces Smile

Yea if you have good hands it is great, cause everyone with more chips than you, will try
and kick you out.
And higher the bounty is, the more chances for a caller.
But also there are many forcing you, with raises and all in preflop, when you are one.
And if you are card dead, not many choices there Smile

Better luck next time.

I hadn't played this tourney for quite some time, having gone through a stage where I
Layer religiously every week and had some success. I am back able to play them now so must make more effort to play as they are a good format and a nice outcome if you can get into the pay out places. See y'all next week.

Massive congratulations go out to IceQueenAce on winning an $11 ticket in the bounty tournament. You have been doing very well. Good luck converting your tournament tickets into real cash. Wish everyone good luck next week.

Hello my friends

Well done once again IceQueenAce for another good result the walk to paradise is always made be "small"steps this ticket is a small step ,thenext is to cash in big with it Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I hope that you turn this result into a massive win and profit when you play it
All the best from your fellow mobster from Portugal

Stay cool and enjoy life

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