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that's right your boy TheIrish will be grinding all day long on the micro MTT'S on Stars and hoping to make a big BR today!

First run so far so good. Playing a 45 man turbo on Stars and now sitting 2/9 with top 7 paid out!.

Just need to hold strong and play the goods and should make a good profit for this one.

Updates will be coming in most of the day!

out in 5th for 1.83$. again another run that just couldn't get it done. AK did me in late as it forced in against pocket 9's pre and i bricked the board. oh well atleast i cashed and it's a start, right ?

Back to the drawing board.

Edited by TheIrish77 (25 September 2017 @ 13:34 GMT)

Of course it is a good start for this day. You have achieved a good position and maybe you will show us something beautiful today. Time I think you have enough to play and show us some new pictures to tell us your opinion, to give some answers or congratulate you. We are waiting for other posts. GL Smile


... Big Smile< ...Why you not working today dude...? I'm thinking you got a day off due to the very unusual extreme hot and muggy weather....

... Big Smile< ...I figure this heat is just a prelude of what Mother Earth has in store for us... She wants us all gone because we have RUINED the planet...!

good call but no. Things didn't work out this morning with some materials not available this morning so we decided to just start first thing in the morning tomorrow. Lucky me with this crazy late September weatehr.

First thing i saw in the screenshot it was your position, and wondered how many entrants
this one had. It was easier final tabling this one Smile but still.
Probably you are gonna play more of them today, so good luck with final tables only Smile Thumbs Up

I see that you're playing again where you played ... and again you're lucky !!!! ...... I congratulate on a good achievement ... of course this is not the first place but very very close ..... I think you should play there further and luck will be next to you .... and of course skill

I hope you got the most out of your day off.
The weather has been freaky this year. Early-in-season tornadoes, heavy snow, strange temperatures, drought, ice surges, etc. And it has been weirdly warm this month.

I can think of worse ways of spending your day off than playing poker all day. With the wet weather we have over here, i often spend most of my free time doing the exact same thing

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