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Real-money version of Pac-Man arcade classic coming to casino floors in 2018

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Posted on 27 September 2017 by "T".
Next year, casino players would get to see an oldie-but-a-goodie game character, Pac-Man, who could potentially be munching on their cash after an announcement was made yesterday by interactive slot manufacturer Gamblit Gaming that they signed a deal with Pac-Man creator Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. to collaboratively design a casino version of the classic arcade game. Gamblit said in a news[...]   Read more » Real-money version of Pac-Man arcade classic coming to casino floors in 2018

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Next comes Space Intruders and then 1942. This has a lot of nostalgica build into it, but i am wondering how they actually want to turn it into a casino game. Some kind of tourney format would be easy, but a propper casino game?

Now this really is a blast from the past. I started playing pac-man in the very early eighties and have many fond memories of playing this with my brother in our early years

I don't know if this will be popular but of course for people who played pac man it may be fun to try to play this old game and maybe also win some money. I am not big fan to play slot machines but maybe i will try to play this game if it is in my local casino.

ohh my nostalgia .... this superigra it seems to me and one of the best in history ..... probably it's interesting to play now .... although I played this game as was small ..... it took many years and I already started to forget this game and here's a reminder ..... super

Multiplayer Pac-man, now that should be interesting. I only remember the early 1980's version of this game, and i recently found it in the icon of the search motor i (and almost everyone in the world) most use, so i only know it in the one-player mode. This can either become a huge sucess, specially among the late 30's retro gamers, or a big flop, as they may not be interested in trying their tired reflexes on this game.

... Big Smile< ....I remember when 'Ms.' PacMan came out replacing the regular PacMan... It was WAY better,...and we used to go down to the local pub to play the table version over and over and over again and again.... Smile Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< ...I got so good, I could make it all the way to the end... Smile Thumbs Up

...Those old video games are quite collectable so I understand... Guys like to get them for their 'Man Caves'... Cool Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< Space Invaders was another fave...

There are great chances that this new casino game will be successful. Pac-Man is a game that pleased very many people and still more charming. Maybe in the future they will also announce a tetris casino game or mario super bros. Smile My opinion is that they will be successful with this game.

Never expected to see something like that. pacman with money.
It is an old game classic, and its creators gonna pocket some more money,
for the casino version of it.
It is going eat lots of money Smile Way more than feeding it each time to play a single game Smile

When I was little I had a friend who was the son of a mafia boss. He had a masive gaming room full of arcade games (Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, etc) in his mansion. He and I used to play games for hours! Oh I loved his mother's homemade chocolate chip cookies... So addictive!

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well to be honest this is not a bad idea at all, many slot players are old dudes who are retired and have some spare cash to gable away, and they surely remember what the hell pac man is and probably even played it some time ago... so emotional aspect is there...

Honestly they are twenty years too late with this to be honest.
Yeah we used to see game developers riding nostalgia waves to lure into more people but the games sticking with the crowd are always the ones which offers something original, unique and progressive...

That sounds verry nice, PacMan was my favorite game in the 80´s and perhaps i try this real money version Cool Normally i´m not a Slot and Casino games fan, but this game have the potential to be a hit.

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