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So your boy TheIrish77 just had himself quite the afternoon with taking down not 1 but 2 MTT's for good measure.

Played a 1.10 $ Flyweight 750$ gtd 6-max rebuy and only used 1 bullet the whole run. 2 add-ons make a total investment of 3.30 for this 214$. Sick ROI and great BR builder for Party's site.

With 2 victories i can easily say this was my most satisfying day of poker. I've won more previously in a single session but i didn't win the tournament so it didn't feel whole, oif you know what i mean.

Crazy run and almost got kncoked out heads up but hit a river j to so grab chip lead late and then heres the final hand....

nice one, congrats irish, now win 5,50$ tournie Blink

1 step at a time STheP. Baby steps then big leaps. need to withdraw some of the winnings for personal money. I'll probably still play these lower level buy-ins until i get rich winning every time i play, lol.

Thanks mate !

Another crazily good run from you and you really posting some impressive results lately. I really think that you are good enough to try and play at the higher stakes tables

Wow! Very nicely done! Gigantic congratulations go out to our fellow forumite TheIrish77 on winning two tournaments on the same day! Your hard work has truly paid off. You have got the right mix of dedication and enthusiasm.

You got a first place with a good prize after all Smile
A very good one, with the buy ins made.
You will be a little more flexible now with your buy ins, even after your cash out.
Keep up the good results coming and dont rush to up the levels. Thumbs Up

Yeah i was thinking the same thing Mober. Lots of advice on here is for me to start moving up in buy-in's but i feel why would i ever do that when I'm just starting to control the micro level buy-ins and make some cash froM them. Why not continue taking money form lower buy-ins and make a good BR and then move up the ladders.

I've made that mistake in the past with a lower BR and ii learned not to rush things they will come in due time.

Learning by your mistakes is the best experience you can get, but not necessarily one
that you have to chase Smile
You are getting good results now, in these limits and you are building a bankroll.
Still good money to be won in these levels.

When you have made a decent bankroll, permitting you to afford the downswings,
without getting stressed and you feel its time, you can move on.

Nice the irish man...
I see u on fire lately ....
keep it going thats al i can say....
And u will eventualy playing the wsop Big Smile Big Smile

Go for it m8

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