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That's right ladies and gentlemen your boy TheIrish77 is back at it again and already making waves in this run.

Playing the Same MTT on Party that i took down yesterday and have hit some big hnads early on.

It's the Flyweight : 750$ GTD 6-max rebuy and have used 2 bullets so far for a 3.30 investment to this point.

Had 2 boats hold up so far and have been able to come back form even losing 5K already.

Currently in 2nd spot but it's still pretty early but same results as yesterdays run good.

I'll be back throughout to update some ups and downs.

So it's getting real again in this run boys and girls. Now at the add-on for this run and am currently 1/138.

Just hit a big pot before the break to take back chip lead and for a another final table.

Going for a smoke break and the nback at it.

Can you believe this run of cards ? crazy but maybe this is now the norm ? Let's hope so for my sake.

Wish me luck guys !

Just lost about 20k with pocket Kings vs A7. he hit Ace on flop slow played it and i kept betting into.

Still in top 10 7/96 currently.

need to tighten up and get back some of those chips now.

Edited by TheIrish77 (29 September 2017 @ 18:05 GMT)

You are doing good so far.
It will be great to get the same result as yesterday. Not a better one Smile just the same Smile
You ill be noted in players notes by many Smile
You can definitely do that again. so stay focused and good luck.

Just bluffed myself back into top 10 with AQ suited. Missed everything but got player off hand. Just cashed this one as well so now the fun begins.

now in top 5 with 28 to go after this hand !

not same result. made some nad plays after last break and paid for it. still finshed 16th place overall lout of 293 runners and 434 rebuys so not a bad showing.

Maid a small profit today but at least it was that a profit. 9.25$ earned after 4.40 spent so doubled my investment which is good but man i wish i could take a couple plays back.

Oh well on to the next one and another good learning experience on what not to do late with lots of chips in front of you.

Good day folks maybe come back on here later.

Edited by TheIrish77 (29 September 2017 @ 19:21 GMT)

16th out of almost 300 is a good result also.
And the important thing is that you got paid.

Your good form continues and you must be playing really well to keep cashing in all these tournaments. To finish in the top twenty yet again is an achievement to be proud of

Keep the good work up , as we all see that you are running hot lately , maybe till the end of the month you can ship some more tournaments ... Anyway good luck at the tables and may the force be with you Worship

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