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Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and he's back and ready to try to conquer another day of online poker!

Playing in 3 MTT's on Party at the moment and off to great start and 2 so far.

The Flyweight 750$ gtd 6-max rebuy NL and have a top 15 stack currently. sititng 13/124 after late reg now and also add-on so now just playing it out and looking to take down the same run i won on Thursday then follow up with 16th place the following day.

Also sitting top 10 in Flyweight : 400$ gtd ko. Sitting 10/314 at break and still very early but have already KO'd 2 players for 0.40 cents so almost half way to buy-in paid for.

Also in a 5.50$ 1K gtd not even half way thoirugh registration so very early over here as well.

But all in all a good start.

I'll be back with some updates throughout im sure.

Big hand juts hit AQ hits against 9's and A2 os and holds to put me into top 5 and again another great shot at a final table.

The run good continues for TheIrish

Just flopped the nuts ! turned into 2nd place now after pocket queens hits trips on turn and psuhes and board bricks and i hold.

Wow really have a chance now to win this again!

2/49 with 48 paid out.

Edited by TheIrish77 (02 October 2017 @ 18:41 GMT)

well by the looks of things you are pretty sure to finish in the money with the hot run in the tourney where 49 left and 48 paid, now with this assured all you have to do now is to enjoy the game and look for some good spots to grow your stack. good luck dude, we're rooting for you Thumbs Up

Thanks Pochui!

Now finishing break and back at it sitting 3/30 with 7.40$ locked up so far.

Good position to make very significant profit again.

11/19 after a couple of mistakes but have gotten some chips back now.

3/14 Now after calling an all in for smaller stack about 65k i think.

Crazy run continues!!!!

Final 2 tables !

Now 5/12. another 6 more to go till final tbale being a 6-Max.

So sick went out in 12th. Flopped trip jacks and my opponent kept betting so i kept calling he flopped a boat with pocket Deuces. pocketed 14.81 on this one but not what i wanted thats for sure. another great run but feel very unsatisfied with this.

UGH Evil Aww crap! Aww crap!

Edited by TheIrish77 (02 October 2017 @ 19:36 GMT)

You are getting frustrated at some point not finishing in better positions,
but think how many times you have finished that high making a profit.
You have the first place in a short distance every time, you will hit it again eventually Thumbs Up

Its always very frustrating to get so close and not win the whole thing. You mustn't be too upset because if someone had said you would finish 12th at the start, you would have taken that

I see you were 3-tabling. You can play numerous tables simultaneously only at online poker rooms. You (normally) can't physically do that at brick and mortar casinos. Multi-tabling is one of the advantages of playing poker online.
Good luck in your next game.

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