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Wow Chip Leader Once Again, Same Tournament  0   
Can't believe it but your boy TheIrish77 is back at it again and massive chip leader by almost 23k at this point. about 16 minutes left of registration then the add-on to come.

This is such an amazing spot this many chips in the lead at this point. 23k cant believe how good and lucky i've gotten.

i've attached a couple of bigger hands that have gotten me to this point

This time i have to final table and win this thing.

Can't believe the run good especially this tournament specifically. In my past 5 runs now i've finished 1st, 12, 16 respectively.

Just hit add-on after the late registration ended. Still managing to hold down top spot 1/169 remaining so still much work too be done that's for sure but have ammunition to really play around with my opponents and scare the s h i t out of them with my BIg Stack!

Wish me luck boys and girls looking to bring back another crown for the BRM Fam!

5/49 Now and just got a river god save to bring me back into top 5.

Need 1 more victim to cash this one so i'll probably be back shortly around the break to give another update .

Getting real again in this biatch!

Just hit a mosnter flop to take chip lead back fro mtop dog and now have 30k advantage on 2nd chip leader. Guy went mental with A3 thankfully for me and i played him like a fiddle slow playing my hand whole way! and bam he turns over that junk.

Wow another crazy scenario with a very real final table possibility.

Still can't get over this run of good cards and solid play also i must say.

Well back to it shortly and i'll be sure to post the further in we get.

Still going strong now 3/18! Last 3 tables once again. Hope this rungood keeps up.


Now 6/6 wit ha bad few hands. UGH stupid me had around 400k now under 100k

out in 5th for a payout of 56.65$ usd.

UGH Had my opponent beat til river then they turn 34 into straight.

So sick another great run but a few bad decisions late hurt bad.

Still again 5th out of 350 runners not too bad and another boost to the BR.
Thanks to this tournament alone I'm making a decent return on investments so i can't be all that mad i guess.

Thanks if anyone railed the action and sorry couldn't close the deal.

Edited by TheIrish77 (03 October 2017 @ 19:47 GMT)

Another good run you had. Going good the last few days with great results, one after another.
Finishing fifth from 350 for almost 57 USD is a joy Smile
I bet many envy your results reaching the final table that often.
Lets not jinx it Smile keep it up and congratulations again.

Thanks Mober. Been a pretty great run the last few days i've actually played.

Cashing 4 of 5 days in the same tournament and 2 final tables and 2 other top 20 finishes is definitely a big boost in confidence and will only make me a better player. Playing really meaningful late poker is great for finding where you are overall as skill is definitely comes through in these situations.

Not playing today as i helped a buddy out with some things all day and just got in and with GF on her way home no time to grind fpr the next few hours.

I'll be back tomorrow with some updates and some MTT's from Party Poker. I'll be playing the 11$ Brawl 10K gtd PKO for a bit of a jump in buy-in but think i could really give it a good go and make some money.

Will also be playing some 5.50$ Turbo 6-max turbo's as it's my favourite format 6-max and where i do most of my damage.

Hope everyines having a great day and hope to talk to you guys tomorrow.

A break never hurts. Especially when it is after wins, where you have nothing to think or worry
Completely stress less Smile
Just recharge and come back again, to piss the ones keep finding you in their way to the top Smile

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