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Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and i'll be playing a bit bigger buy-in's today. mostly 5.50$ and 11$.

Just got into the Brawl 10K GTD PKO on Party and already have a knockout worth 5.00$ ! So half way to making this run a freeroll and if I can do that i'll be playing this thing like a maniacal monster from there on out. I unfortunately didnt make alot of chips as buddy was the short stack when he oushed but i was already down about 10 K so now I'm back in the black and moving forward with my 1 KO so far. 1200$ + up top plus KO 's of another 3200$ so some good money too be made if i can continue to
play well.

Also playing the Flyweight : 1.10$750$ gtd 6-Max Rebuy and already have some chips to play with. top 25 right now but it's pretty early on so some work to do to get more chips as the chip leaders have almost 20K more than me currently.

I'll be playing a 5.50 buy-in in a few minutes as well so i'll have my hands full but think today could be a very good day for TheIrish.

off to a good start in the flyweight 1.10 750 gtd. intop 15 with more than 19K currently.

It's almost 20 minutes away from registration ending so It's almost about to get really fun.

Could this really be another deep run for TheIrish ?Man let's hope so.

Be back later on mates

nevermind the gods were just cruel. guy pushes K3 and turns a 3 against My AK. Lost huge amount of chips.

Edited by TheIrish77 (05 October 2017 @ 17:28 GMT)

I've been looking forward to you moving up TheIrish77,to see what you can do and i have a sneaky feeling that you will do all right. Smile
GL and i will check back later to see how you got on. Thumbs Up

Thanks mate off to a decent start after having to rebuy. had a bad beat and went a bit tilt afterwards for a few hands and it cost me. Good thing i did reload cause now up to 82K.

Could actually be a good profit if i can hold up.

Wow now in top 20 of 5.50 3K GTD in 15th overall with over 164K. 565$ up top for winner.

Could be the score to really boost the BR.

Out of the Brawl couldnt hold together and lost stack. still knocked 1 players put so recouped some of the buy-ins

Edited by TheIrish77 (05 October 2017 @ 18:44 GMT)

Good luck to you theirish i see you now play bigger buyin tournaments and tonight 5.50 and 11 dollars buyins. I wish you best luck and it would be nice if you can finish in the money in some tournaments and maybe even win at least one of them. Maybe this is your night

Now 11/80 with top 72 paid out. just hit a boat against nothing hand and doubled up. got a real chance now at thing thing if smart.

MASSIVE risk with K9 suited and i hit top pair and it holds against AJos.

Now back in top 10 with more than 570K stack

9 of 53 with me locking up 14.40$ so far. Obviously looking for the final table and big payouts.

Wish me luck guys!

Out in 32ns for a payout of 19.80$ usd. Not the spot i wanted to exit but couldn't get away from a hand that crippled me.

Another good run not great one based on payout . still lost some cash today buit at least my last run was a good one.

Had the chance but choked a bit this time.

Night all hope you guys are doing well on the tables or whatever you're up to.

Edited by TheIrish77 (05 October 2017 @ 20:39 GMT)

wow another good run,well done man.... Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Well can't win every tournament you play , but still as long as you make a cash back or at least a min cash , the day wasn't spent for nothing ... Keep it up and then we will again see you posting some final table hype Blink

It really is fascinating to watch your progress in these tournaments and you seem to be playing really well. To make a profit on any given day is a good day and well done again to you

Well done again theirish.
I would take that finish on 32nd position for almost 20 USD every day if i could Smile
With 576 players in that is a good result.
Better luck next time, with at least a final table finish. Thumbs Up

Congratulations to TheIrish77 on making a deep run in the $5.50 buy-in $3,000 guaranteed tournament at partypoker. It is remarkable that you finished in the top 6% in the tournament. I am looking forward to hearing more success stories!


the main prizes were certainly very attractive ...... but you still won the prize .... and although he is not very big I congratulate you on the new win and I wish good luck in future tournaments .... maybe soon you will write about what is a very good win ...... good luck in the game and cards

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