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Mercier Couple Welcomes Home Baby Boy Marco Henry

Tags: Jason Mercier, Natasha Mercier
Posted on 09 October 2017 by "T".
Jason and Natasha first met on the poker felt. On July 2016, Jason proposed to Natasha right after she got busted out of the $5,000 NLHE WSOP Final Table and they got married in November. On March 2017, they announced that they were 12 weeks pregnant. At 11:58pm of Thursday, October 5, PokerStars Pro Team member Jason Mercier wrote on his Twitter account to let all his fans know that his wife Nat[...]   Read more » Mercier Couple Welcomes Home Baby Boy Marco Henry

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Many congratulations to Jason and Natasha Mercier on the birth of their baby boy Marco Henry. This kid is going to be some poker player when he grows up thats for sure!!

well yeah pretty much like doubletop above me wrote I too think that this baby boy is definitely packing some serious poker dna, no surprise to see him destroying opponent at the poker tables, under the poker tables and in between the poker tables.

This child will surely know how to play poker as a professional players when he is 18 years old but that does not mean he will become a regular poker player. Anything can happen and even mankind may not exist anymore. We do not know what will happen in future but congratulations to Jason & Natasha Mercier who have become parents. Big Smile

Yes big congratulations to the parents, having a child is great experience and I think they are very happy now, of course not a lot of sleep at night because baby crying Smile and of course this little guy will know how to play bery good poker in kindergarten

This baby boy could bethe youngest ever world poker champ if you were allowed to play at the age of 18 in USA Cool congrats to both of them Thumbs Up

the things that i dont like with all the so called social network.
Making your personal life public. What for?
They had a baby, good for them. They can share it with family and friends and thats all.
No need to make a public announcement for it.

Natasha, her husband Jason, and their son Marco Henry look so happy in the picture. There is nothing sweeter than a baby’s smile. There is nothing cuter than a baby’s laugh. Congratulations and good luck on this new journey.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Mercier Couple Welcomes Home Baby Boy Marco Henry

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