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Keeping those stacks big on tyhe other hand, not so easy.

hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and Hope everyone's having a fantastic morning wheverever you are.

he's back at it once again very early on in 2 separate runs.

Playing The 750$ GTD Rebuy 6 max on Party and once again ealry on have a Big stack to work with. Sitting in 3rd currently as i type and already more than 10K stack.

Also Playing a Flywieght 75$ gtd 6-max rebuy on Party and top 5 stack atm.

Good starts but can they last? Hopefully my A game holds and i can make a serious runs at these to start the day.

First hour done in each run now at first break and still holding strong in both runs so far.

The 750$ gtd rebuy now sitting top 10 still but again still relatively early going so much more work to get back near top spot. Good start though iin easily my favourite tournament.

Now sitting 3/93 in a 75$ gtd rebuy 6-max also my favourite format. Just hit a big hand that i've attached to get me near top.

Hope the run good is not just a early run thing and last until some final table type s**t!

Back to the grind.

Edited by TheIrish77 (12 October 2017 @ 17:01 GMT)

Saying it is easy is one thing. Getting a big stack especially early is another one.
But you seem to have found a way doing this time after time Smile
Lets see how much you are going to win today.
Good luck with your games.

Well just hit the add-on after late reg ended and now sititng in 17th currently.

With only 136 runners left to get through hopefully my stack will hold up and make a cash in this one.

Also important to note that used 1 bullet only with 2 add-ons so only 3.30 invested so if i can manage a final tbale or close to it should make decent profit on the day.

Got some sick hands against me in the 75$ gtd and couldn't hang on and decided to focus on the 750$ instead and play A game.

Wish me luck guys!

Wow just got super lucky and doubled up against a bigger stack. had lost about 8 K very quickly after break and needed to score a hand and decided that A2 suites clubs was goo enough. I shoved preflop and get called by bigger stack with QQ and i hit Miracle Turn Ace and it holds.

Now have more than 47K Stack and sitting 4/107. Hey maybe it ws my turn to suck out on some else like it happened to me over and over this week. So the gods are finally smiling back on me ? Hope so.

Back to it i go.

Bam just had pocket 7's hold against smallar stack with 22 and i pickup nice little chunk to get stack up to 56K.

Edited by TheIrish77 (12 October 2017 @ 18:03 GMT)

Not that much of a suck out, as you can expect to win close to one hand out of three in that situation. But of cause the guy with QQ will see this very differently.

Continue the good play. Thumbs Up

Into 1st place now after a bluff with absolute junk pick me up some more chips to take lead!

Wow what a blow up i juts did.

Was running so good and threw it away for nothing. can't believe that just happened.

Might be sick with this one playing so well for so long no mistakes and then this happens. i need a head check.
46th place finish now 2 days in a row and both were blow ups. Sonthing's happened to me again late and i can't figure it out.

Edited by TheIrish77 (12 October 2017 @ 18:35 GMT)

too bad that you finished on this place,because you had great position on this tournament and very good amount of chips!too bad that you didnt make it to bigger position!but this 750 $ tournaments are very good for you!

Still cant wrap my head around what i did too be honest. happened so fast and i was gone already. never expect too blow up like that at this point but obviously still something to work on.

Interesting title to this thread, which is of course exceptionally true and can often be seen at the poker tables with a group of players getting huge stacks in the first few hands . The key is of course building on it and maintaining that advantage, as Lady Luck could pounce on you at any time and take it all away from you. Focus on the whole game and success will be a short distance away!

It is very true that trying to hold onto big stacks is vastly more difficult then getting them in my opinion. I try and play a little more conservatively and wait for really good spots

congratulations on a good result ... the moment when you were a little unlucky and you did not get in the prizes was of course a temporary failure and here again you returned to your good level of the game .... I wish good luck in the future tournaments and I think we will soon see the message about success

well I guess this is a good experience to you, you admit yourself that you did something really stupid and this is good, now all that remains after this act is to pick up and continue playing with the added experience as a bonus- bad experience are valuable as long as we learn from them.

“It’s been my experience that most people aren’t truly happy until they’ve had many reasons to be sad. I believe this is because it takes all of those bad days and hardships to teach us how to truly appreciate what we have. It builds our resilience.”
— Anonymous

Always keep your chin up and move forward.

To play all tournament with a big stack happens not simply. Perhaps, there came time when you lost that wave which was since the beginning of a game. Most likely you lacked endurance. I hope at you next time it will turn out better. I wish good luck and not to be upset. TheIrish77 still for you ahead


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