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Unibet Poker offers a trip around the world and another 1000 awards  -1   
In December, players who prefer that poker room will have the pleasure to play for 1000 rewards and one fascinating prize a trip around the world. Which you think you can win i wish you best of luck. Making a trip around the world is a wonderful thing and those who have this chance deserve to try this. Even if you do not win a big prize, do it if you can and you have money for this.

well yeah trip around the world is quite an interesting gift to receive. I think it would be a trip that one could hardly forget. now obviously there is not a big chance, but as you say there are other prizes up for grabs and you can also win some money by playing poker in the process.

Probably all the ones playing there, will go after the trip.
And it will be even better if someone at low buy ins wins that.
Although i dont see any info here about the terms.
Unibet dont have that many players i believe since they went solo, so the competition wont be big.

Question not on a subject, but somebody knows, the procedure of verification of the account on this website what is the time lasts? In a chat didn't address, but I already wait for the 5th day after sent them the documents.

I doubt you can find a correct answer to this one.
There is no way for a verification to have standard times.
Too many variables in there.
The best and easiest thing you can do is to contact the site directly and request about the
progress of the verification.

Mober thank you for council. I will try to contact the representative of the website on Monday. Strange here only, why such large organization and so much long time borrows verification of documents. At them I play more than a year, and here I have decided to undergo verification just now . )

I think that they are fast for verification on unibet!dont know what is problem with your account,but this shoudl be solved on same day!if they see that you are this person on document,they should accept this in few minutes or at most in one hour!contact live support!

I read this thread right now and i´m interesting for this nice promo in December at Unibet Poker. We will see what they offer next month. In the last years, Unibet had nice promos time by time, but in the last month´s comes nothing more in my opinion.

Less than a week left for the december. We will see soon enough here in BRM, which poker rooms
will have promotions and what kind.
One thing that comes in mind is the calendar that some sites put up and one of them is unibet,
if i remember right

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