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$48,374.60 Win Landed By Recent Big Winner!

A BitStarz player hits pay dirt as he got a $48,374 payout when playing the popular slot Diamond Cats. Winning big is all about luck and timing, and one lucky player at BitStarz sure has the purrfect blend of both as he landed his second big win in just a few months! Not too long ago, the player in question decided to take on the evil witch of the popular slot Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. A[...]   Read more » $48,374.60 Win Landed By Recent Big Winner!

$48,374.60 Win Landed By Recent Big Winner!  0   
Its great to read these stories and we can all dream about doing this one day. To win one of these jackpots must be amazing but, to win two in just a couple of months, is unbelievable

Is unbelievable if it is not propaganda to attract peoples for BitStarz. This comment of The Marketing Manager of BitStarz, Srdjan Kapor is strange is a different way to attract players. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid but I've read a lot about the tricks made by casinos to make money. Of course this may be true, but it is very difficult.

A fantastic story of a player winning 48,000 dollars playing slots. It is achieveable but I always get to wondering just how much he has actually bet and played through to win this figure. Whatever the outcome, it's a great marketing opportunity for the site as they will no doubt get other players playing on this basis.

Either we dont get news from other casino sites or they are winning more often there.
It is not a surprise though, since it is a site with bitcoins.
With all that craziness lately with crypto coins more and more are into it.
So they may even have more players than other casinos.

Yes it is a very big amount of money to win on slot machine, 48000 of dollars you can buy some real estate or a very good new car or spend time on vacations. But like i see in my local casino people win big amounts but alsolose big amounts, so maybe this guy wins but if we count all money maybe he even lost some money?

And you can see why he won that big.
Because he was betting 48 USD according to the article, since he won a 1000x.
There are many gambling big with crypto coins.
Perhaps easier when you have the btc equivalency.
Also makes you wonder where the money is coming from, when we are talking about btc Smile

well yeah, like mober say to win something lie 1000x of your initial stake is not that mindblowing considering the fact that one probably had numerous spins before and probably after the win, so if he wasn't to much down previously then he probably walked away with 10k or sth like that.

Most likely for this person of $48000 the usual sum. And the only thing that has impressed it and will be remembered - it is also 1000. I consider that this news is more as advertizing for the new and acting players in BitStarz of casino. They don't advertize how many money he left them to a prize

You can call this player a high roller and thats for sure.
When you are betting 48 USD each spin, you are not playing with change there.
He may got that win with a few spins that day, but he may be losing a fortune till that
moment. Pretty easy with slots.

Thats really a dream, to crack one time a big Jackpot in a Slot game. And to win two time in a few months are amazing... Now i´m waiting or the news, that a mobster winns also a jackpot Big Smile Gl to all and at first for me please Blink

Yea winning a jackpot in slots, is a dream for many and not an easy one of course.
I have blown a couple of bonuses, chasing the jackpots in the past.
No luck at all. Not even the mini ones they are having.
But one can keep hoping Smile

this lucky player was in a very happy streak of winnings ....... it's certainly very cool to win big money and do not stop and win even more money ..... this happens of course very rarely .... I would in his place would leave after the first win, but he was probably bored and it decided everything

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