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Casino Owner Is Offering $10 Million For Dirt On Donald Trump

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Posted on 19 October 2017 by "T".
Larry Flynt, the founder of Hustler Magazine, has had it with President Donald Trump. A full-page ad sponsored by Flynt was published in the Washington Post on Sunday offering $10 million for dirt on the Republican President. Flynt, owner of the Hustler Casino in California and poker enthusiast, thinks that Trump is not fit for the most powerful office in the country and should be impeached. Ins[...]   Read more » Casino Owner Is Offering $10 Million For Dirt On Donald Trump

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I can just imagine the kinds of stories he is going to receive!! There are going to be all kinds of people just making stuff up just to get their hands on the loot. I look forward to seeing if anyone gets the money

A bit naive to expect results here, as the team of the competing candidate will surely had tried the same stunt before the election last year, and they had far more money at their disposal to throw at people.

This guy was not funny in my opinion, perhaps he want live in a prison for some years... He can dot it, but it seems he don´t have the eggs for doing that. Why he don´t spend the money for good things? To much money and not enough hobbys in my opinion. Thumbs Down

I'm curious if anyone finds concrete evidence with Donald Trump to dirty it except for Russians hahaha. There are much better chances to find with Bill Clinton, George W. Bush Jr, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton the Illuminati priestess. Each of these people should be put to prison maybe even Donald Trump.

I'm sure that this won't take very long to achieve. There are probably many many people out there with stories about the grea man, but are they in a position to risk all and blurt it out for a mere Ten Million Dollars? We will just have to wait and see. I'm not sure where I would be if I was in that position....but then again...maybe there is no real dirt and it's all just fake news!

There are a lot of people who do not like Donald Trump, some even try to kick him from white house, I think that he is an interesting man and maybe not very good politician. Of coyrse it is not good if trump has to do some war things because he us just business guy and not war expert, or real politician

Is he going to get any results here with that amount he is offering?
Not too much, if you think you are going against a president Smile

The article says that flynt was successful in the past with such an offer against
a congressman.

Hahaha , like anyone will be able to send thoses dirty photos or stories about Trump , people who gonna try to do that , probably will get raped by the FBI just in a minute ...
So we probably won't even hear anything bad about Trump or the lucky guy who will win thoses 10 mil !

well I guess its not too hard to find some dirty information about every living person on earth, so with so much money on offer I guess there is a fair chance we will see some interesting stories about trump to appear in public.

So now do we have someone who knows some secret information anout donald trump? I think that $10 millions is too much to people who have some information to be quiet and sau nothing. So with some time if trump has secrets they will be in press and internet for all people to see and read.

the most interesting thing besides this story, is what and if something has happened
with the russians being involved in the elections as they say, to help him get the chair.
If that has happened for real, will we ever know? Lets wait and see Smile

People who read Hustler Magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times, etc., all tend to be more liberal. People who advocate the left-wing position just want to get President Trump out of the White House.

I do not know this but i see many people in great america... who have made a habit to injured and offend on President Donald Trump. Womens are very nervous but forget one thing. Bill clinton he was really a harasser and a violator but he did not get insults like trump. I think he's not such a bad person and that these people are too aggressive with him

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