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if they continue to change this fees every few months and to raise them,everybody would change way of transactions and use visa,neteller or payouts direct on sites!its too much from them and dont know what they think with this move!

Posted by dule-vu:
if they continue to change this fees every few months and to raise them,everybody would change way of transactions and use visa,neteller or payouts direct on sites!its too much from them and dont know what they think with this move!

precisely because of this they lower transaction prices or currency exchange. They have trouble with the business and they thought it was the time to make this change. It would be better if it changed to 1%. I think then all customers would be very pleased and will have more transactions.

They must have lost customers from sure, looking for alternatives, since they begun,
that race up with the fees.
And as we all have mentioned before, many have started using the coins.
But the still must have the biggest cut of the pie, permitting them to do so.
Like it happens in the poker world, with poker stars and full tilt.

Great competition in this area and always more and more opportunities for money transactions. If the problems continue for Skrill will continue to make reductions and that's all that counts for those who use their services. I made a mistake with him i want to use it only for games but i checked the other variant. Is ok.

I do not like this change eith skrill and neteller, I think that today there is so many companies and so prices must be smaller and not bigger but this is situation that is wrong and prices are getting higher and higher. I think i will try to see if there are some other companies for mu deposit and withdrawal to poker

They must still be the leaders. along with paypal, when it comes to online wallets.
Even with their recent changes on fees.
But the ground under their feet has already started shaking, and probably most of them
has searched or even found alternatives.

Actualy some alternatives to Skrill and Neteller went belly up in the last years, and Paypal tries to distance itself from gambling related transactions, as they are a bit of a grey market, and government interference is always possible.

This is their message -
Dear ...,
We are making some changes to our terms and conditions which will come into effect on 14th December 2017. We want to take this opportunity to summarise the changes for you.
Skrill Account Fees
The following change shall apply to the Fees stated in the Skrill Account Terms of Use:
Send Money Fee will be reduced to 1.45%, with a minimum Send Money Fee of €0.50 (EUR) and no maximum fee
Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® Fees
The following change shall apply to the Fees stated in the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard Terms and Conditions:
The foreign exchange fee will be 3.99%
Your continued use of our services after 14th December 2017 will be taken as your acceptance of the above changes. Please get in contact with us should you need further information.
The Skrill Team

Whats is interesting with all the fees that they have now, is besides the 3% between
skrill and neteller or vise versa, the 7.5% fee to deposit with paysafecard.
Same company, their own product, and instead of having less fee to deposit with that option,
it is the highest one they have.

Yes this is the change and I think it is not good, you can see the email in calicul posted information, and you can see that there is now 10$ free for net plus card every year, and it was free before to use this card, some guys in my work have this card and they inly take it because there is no free every year to oay

with this kind of work,people just will stay away from skrill and will use more visa,master card or whatever other way to withdraw money or to send!on this way how they work now,soon we will have fees for getting money or deposit on casino or poker sites!

The fact is that both of them skrill-netteler are probably the most trusted when it comes
to online wallets. And paypal too.
But paypal works mostly with ebay.
There are a few online walllets that have emerged lately, but they question is,do you trust them to keep your money there?

As could be expected, Neteller had introduced the same changes as Skrill to their fees system. 1,45% throughout the board, with a minimum of $0.50 and no cap for the maximum amount they will charge.

they are probably bound by a state institution to make that reduction both for skrill and for neteller. I do not know if this is the reason but something is weird both with the same percentage. Maybe one reason could be these cripto coins that even scared those with banks. Are always in danger when they have competition.

Yes like mober say skrill and neteller are most trusted ewallets and so is paypal, and this is what i not like because noth skrill and neteller is becoming more expensive for me and paypal I like and use but no option to make deposit and withdrawal from poker sites with paypal. So now i don't know what i do in future

Not that many alternatives out there, when you want to use them as payment solutions,
with poker and casino sites.
if it is beyond that, you will need to do some research before start using one.
Some of them have really bad reviews, and wouldnt trust them
So in this case i prefer the higher fees just to be sure about it.

The atm card for from skrill they raised i payed in the passed 5 euro now anual fee is 10 euro Shock Tongue
But i like skrill its so fast ....
and some fees are getting cheaper soo anywayz i will stick to skrill Worship Worship

Yes I too have atm card but not from skrill but from neteller and I pay 10 euros for it and it aay that this is only for one time and no more money for card need to pau, but now they change rules and i have to pay 10 euros every year so I think it is very expensive for small player like me.

They are gonna make a ton more money with that raise only, from the annual fee
for the card.
I doubt the members using the card, will give it away due to the fee.
And if you consider that many banks have fees in their cards, that wont be much of a change,
but rather someone would expect to happen.

The revenue of financial institutions and payment processing companies primarily derives from a variety of fees. I wonder what their income structure is like. Has it been consistent? Has it been constantly changing?

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