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Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and goign to be playing some lower level MTT's today and already off to an amazing start.

Playing a 0.55 cent Flyweight 150$ gtd and Quadrupled up on the 2nd hand chasing a flush draw and hitting top pair on river against 3 other opponents. Greta way to start in MHO.

Also playing the 2pm 750$ Gtd Rebuy and already in 1st spot after having doubled up by hitting top set against Pocket queens on the first hand!

Let's hope the run good continues.

Sitting 5th currently in the flyweight 150$ gtd after late-reg has ended.

Not doing so well anymore in the 750$ gtd after playing a hand loosely and losing about 6k prior to the add-on of 5K chips.

Out of the 750$ rebuy after losing all in AQ vs KK and me hitting top 2 pair them hitting trip Kings.

Finsihed 56th in this one and close but no cigar to money.

Still very much alive in the Flyweight : 150$ gtd . Sitting now 19/54 wiht top 40 paid out.

Still Some work to do in this one so try to get near final table hopefully.

Now 10/35. sp far so good in not throwing away this opportunity.

Hope it keeps up.

Out in 30th : ( Lost big flip with AK vs KJ they hit jack of ocurse and took about 3/4 of stack.

Another cash but another bad loss.

Edited by TheIrish77 (21 October 2017 @ 20:48 GMT)

It is still a good outcome. The main thing is that you are not losing money on buy ins.
Getting even money as your worst result can be considered plus Smile
Cause you still have the chance for a profit.
Dont stress it. A big win will come again soon. You have what it takes. Thumbs Up

I think it is still a good result the irish, because maybe you have no real luck when you need it in most important moments when little players are left but you still get in the money and take some prze cor your time playing poker. So maybe next day you will win more, but this day was not so bad too

Congratulations on cashing in the tournament at partypoker. It is really frustrating and disgusting when you get 3 outered at a crucial stage of the tournament. You could have finished in a higher position.

well from what I read, yet another chance wasted, or to be more precise- a couple of chances wasted. yeah one small cash which is better than zero, still you probably had the feeling that much bigger win was just around the corner. no fear the irish dude- keep persevering and your wins will come.

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