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The last time PokerStars is losing on all fronts, and if literally 3-4 years ago, everyone considered "stars" to be undoubted number one in the world and the leader of the online poker industry, now this is a rather shaky opinion. In all, as is known, their idiotic "Innovation" in the bonus program, almost complete destruction of rakeback, unnecessary experiments with MTT and much much more. Because of all this, some regulars rebelled and completely stopped the game on PokerStars. And in an attempt to draw the attention of players from the hysteX limits, the "stars" announced a new series under the laconic title "High Rollers", which will be held from November 26 to December 4. At the moment in the schedule of the series there are 22 tournaments with buy-ins from $ 1,050 to $ 10,300 and a guarantee of $ 11,000,000.

Yes abut according to the news these changes affected the players and not their pockets.
Since they have made a profit once more.
Which means in spite the whining from all the players they still got what they wanted. Number of players and diversity in games keeping them on top.

The changes at Stars in the last years are horrible. Now they have less than 100k players. They changed to a gambler site like many more in the online business. From hero to zero... It was unbelievable, how fast they loose their no.1 ranking.

Pokerstars and amaya group needs many changes. I think they will not change anything with these high rollers tournaments. Many players are upset. Need to fix the rake mistake, the format of the games, the ugly software and bring some good things. After that everything returns to normal i think.

instead of correcting their mistakes Stars starts a new ridiculous game ..... some cards that change everything ..... I played a little and realized that I do not like it at all ..... in general, now I'm on PokerStars a rare the visitor ...... but in fact before I played there very much ... sad that the room dies Sad

If they could go to half players than they have now and make double the money,
that they make now, you think they wouldnt go for it?
There is no "we value our players". It is pure business and they are trying to make more and more
money. Something that displeases a few players of course, for the returns they get.

Yes I too think that pokerstars need to change very many things and maybe this make players think to go back and play on pokerstars, I personally to stop to play on pokerstars because bad promotions, don't like new software, very many bad beats and just don't win money on this site

Nahhh starz are gone man, their greed has been their downfall, my prediction is, that in a year to 3 years they will find them selfs in a position to radically change their greedy ways or be forced to close down, and with 888 and party out there i think it can happen in less then 2 years, with 888 taking the top spot in online poker with party close second, players aint stupid starz as you would like to believe Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Have you ever considered that they may be after to specific players.
And im talking about limits and games they play.
Usually most of the rooms, when they do change something is not for the best to the low
limits players.
Its from the higher ones that they get the more money.

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