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Leon Tsoukernik Files Countersuit against Matt Kirk

After being slammed with a lawsuit in Clark County court over allegedly not paying a $3-million worth of poker debt, Kings Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik had taken a strange move, countersuing high-stakes poker pro Matt Kirk and even the Aria casino in Las Vegas for $10 million. The Story, according to Matt Kirk In the wee hours of May 27, 2017, two pros of the poker world sat down for a private s[...]   Read more » Leon Tsoukernik Files Countersuit against Matt Kirk

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yeah really interesting situation this is, kinda feels that the truth is somewhere in the middle. very often poker pros make their money from rich dudes who lose their brains due to long poker sessions to which they are not used to or/and excessive amount of alcohol involved, so they kinda use dirty methods too, not saying that dudes with lost of money but in this case not so much of brains left are faultless too...

this text is too long,so I couldnt read everything,just on end!so what is problem here?one players was drunk and he asked another for money and now he cant remember of that?and he dont want to back?its easy to say,hey,I was drunk!ha,ha!

the situation is confusing ... at the beginning of all this action, I was sure that Zuckernnikk was a bad person and a fraudster ... then after his words I began to doubt it a little ..... it seems to me that I need to lightly wait and see how the situation will develop further

very interesting situation, but its not to us to tell who is right and who is wrong... let them sort things out through the court

Now we hear for a part of the story we didnt know before.
Who knows what really has happened.
For sure though now it is more complicated than before, with the countersuit.
We are going to hear more news for it soon.

Yes this is situation that is not very clear, I think that it need some time and more details to get answers, because lots of people say this and then say different things and all looks veryu unclear, also alcohol is in situation and very big money lost and won. So i think it is not easy for judges to make food decision

It looks shady now with what tsoukernik has said.
Being drunk etc, and they took advantage of him.
We have seen a similar situation in the past with a bet lost in poker, cant
remember her name, where she claimed she was drunk.
With that amount of money you dont play drunk.
And if you cant handle it you dont drink at all.

This really is getting to be a nasty business and i can see this dragging on for years. I think that there is an awful lot more to this story than we first thought and we might never get to the truth

well if this guy is right that he borrowed him this amount,then he should have some paper or evidence for this!at this situation if he cant prove this,that he is in big problem!but when you play drunk,what can you expect!

I read about this story and i think in this case is necessary a serious investigation. Matt Kirk says about Leon Tsoukernik has to pay two millions dollars. Leon T. says he was fooled by Matt K. and Aria Casino. I do not know who's right but the video cameras must be watched and a court to do justice.

Posted by dule-vu:
when you play drunk,what can you expect!

I can say absolutely exactly what happens when you play in anything .... in any game ... there is certainly a loss .... it's absolutely certain ..... of course at the beginning of the game can and luck, but with a long game the loss always happens ... I have checked it more than once so I'm sure

It may annoy many, but at some point they should forbid the drinking while playing poker.
It is not the first time that someone is taking advantage of a drunk person on the tables,
and it wont be the last one either. Not hard to stay sober for a few hours.

When you decide to have a go at or make war against someone who is more powerful, important, famous, and wealthier than you are, you should prepare for the consequences. Things can get really nasty. Nastier than you can possibly imagine.

At first i think this guys have to much money and don´t know what he can do right with them. The best thing was, they spend the $3millons for charity and good is. This high roller games are amazing, but ok when the have the money-why not. But to say after them, that he was to drunkin was a bad joke.

We havent heard any news yet on this one. It certainly is a story with interest,
as to what has happened. The sure thing is that courts take way too long as we all know.
To get them even started. And some times cases take for ever to be ruled.

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