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Black Friday Bonuses at partypoker!

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Posted on 23 November 2017 by "T".
The Black Friday deals are coming from more than just the shops this year! Forget the hustle and bustle of the high streets-your Black Friday perks are just a log in away! This Black Friday, 24th November, it's all about treble Cashback loyalty points, on at three times during the day! From 12:00 to 12:59 CET collect treble points when you play on the partypoker mobile app From 13:00 to 13:[...]   Read more » Black Friday Bonuses at partypoker!

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Yes I think it is good to see that party poker is offering some sort of black friday promotions, but I think mot the best offers if you are not playing a lot on the site, because this triple points offer is most interesting to people who play much and need a lot of points, for maybe exchange to cash

A good promotion for all the ones grinding in party poker.
With all that points added will be easier to redeem for a better reward.
Kinda limited though, since it is one-two hours each time, but they cover all kinds of games.
Good luck.

This was a interesting promo for multi table player at PartyPoker. But it was ok, so every player can finf different offers between the different rooms. Some gambler are using slot promos, other player like poker games. Gl luck all mobsters!

It's always nice to see any kind of promotions and this promotion will be welcomed by a lot of players. I do not earn enough points for it to be any good for me but the higher stakes players will really see the benefit of this

yeah,this is very good offer for players who play lot of poker at this site and they will earn points faster,so they will cashback faster!maybe they will offer something else in this 4 days of promotion,not just this points!

This promotion started in stores or super markets is a very good one. Now i see that it is taken over by some poker rooms, or different sites with multiple domains of activity. These decisions makes us happy. We must take advantage of this black friday. Good Luck for all mobsters. Thumbs Up

Yup, today is Black Friday, meaning many people are out shopping at physical stores. I am really not a big fan of busy and crowded public places (except night clubs and bars). This is a great promotional offer from partypoker for those who prefer staying inside today.

Black Friday is certainly an interesting day ... but on this day unscrupulous sellers manipulate prices and in the end price at a discount becomes about the same or even higher than the usual price for this product .... on Party Poker of course this will not happen .. .. I hope

It is expanding everywhere lately as an offer.
Either it is a physical store or an online one. And im talking in many countries.
And that makes it even better of course for online poker, since it is one more period,
that sites can make interesting promotions for the players.

to be honest the issue of points for me was a failure ... before we won points and we could play in several tons, expanding the chances of playing a good prize but with this new modality everything is at home, you know what it costs to get to 25 points ?? ... so it does not matter if the gain in points is double or triple.

they could give some other promotion on this black friday,except this points!some free card of some slot promotion or they could give something on casino software,not just on poker software!but ok,soon will come december and we will have lot of free things!

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