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Microgaming Game Release: King Tusk

Inspired by the beautiful plains of Africa, King Tusk has arrived to take you on a wild adventure in this five-reel, 25 payline online slot. This safari-themed game includes majestic elephants and exciting wild features, realised through stunning artwork to transport you on a thrilling expedition to big rewards!   - Highly recommended casinos offering games by Microgaming: [[...]   Read more » Microgaming Game Release: King Tusk

Microgaming Game Release: King Tusk   +1   
An interesting new slot, with many features, along with standard free spins,
which i believe is a must in a slot. Not like bonus features that you have to be lucky to win them.
Quite a few sites with the new slots, and Videoslots have free spins on them with no deposit required. Good luck to all.

These slots games are becoming more and more and are really taking over the gambling world. The features on this game look very good and it will attract a lot of plyers

small payouts wery ridiculous slot

This game is beautiful when you play it for fun but when you play it for real money it's not beautiful. They say are chances of big rewards. LoL. I have not heard here on this site to earn money with all casinos slots games. Is interesting only when we see real rewards. I hope to hear as a BRM member to earn an important sum. Blink

King tusk is a good game if you know how to time out your plays like bet 25 cents until you know it's gonna hit soon then put her up to 3$ to 4$ that's how I play lol I once started with the 1$ promo from zodiac cas1no and I played my free 20 plus my 1$ it seemed like the site was good so I decided to deposit 20$ more for the 100% match bonus so i did that gave me 20$ for my 20$ I had 40$ to play i went strait to jungle jim el dorado I bet 25 cents on jungle jim until i only had 8$ left then bet 4$ I said I'll make this my last two spins so as soon as I bet 4$ What happens the jungle jim eldorado free spins won about 430 so I started betting 25 cents again for about 5 minutes then I thought this is about how long it took for my other bonus to come so moved my bet up to 10$ a spin I hit the fkn bonus w0n about 8900 I'm thinking this can't be real but I spoke with casino rewards they said it was good real money so i still kept playing really happy cuz i was broke lol but had money on the casino again I was playing the same game jungle jim 25 cents it took again about 10 minutes this time I had about 9000$ cad in my casino account so after 10 mins I spin a 20$ spin what happens I win a bonus won about 22000$ cad at this point I'm so happy i start varifyig my account I cash3d out all my winnings I made about 40000$ with their welcome bonus pretty liigit use say my highest bet I ever did playing slots 325$ cad. Crazy hey lol If you didn't already try zodiac I suggest if your a smart person you can practically run the slot machine and know when it's g9nna hit good luck at the slots and tabl3s guys & gals a post at the same time thanks for reading

Congratulations Big Smile

Sounds like a interesting new slot at Microgaming. Perhaps i try this new safari slot. In the past i liked the Microgaming software and played at Poker Time etc. But i never played the slot games there. We will see Blink

Tried to find the game and have a go for free with play money as i usually do when
a new slot comes out, but i kept getting an error in every site that i tried.
So no go so far.
Bet from what i have read in your post you seem like a high roller to me Smile
Congratulations on your win.

Yes this is another good slot machine if you like to play slots and look for new bames or now machines tp try. Now I read the story from ryannighetty adm o aay wow, this is amazing story, to win $40000 from $1 is super big money, and yiy can feel like beey kicky person.

yeah I too was hooked more on the story of one of our mobbits rather than the oh so awesome news about yet another new slot released into the virtual gabling scene. now I just hope that this is indeed true news and not just "science fiction"

I have always wanted to explore nature and wildlife of Africa. It would be awesome if I could spend a couple of months in African countries. Playing the "King Tusk" gives me sort of a vicarious thrill!!!

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I finally managed to free play this one. And it actually was on Videoslots site,
that it also offers the free spins for it.
I only got free spins once in about 150 spins, and used the second option,
that turns two whole reels into wild.
I dont know if it is random or not but i dint get the reels 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 together that could give a good win, so with a bet of 1 the winnings was 29 only

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Inspired by the beautiful plains of Africa, King Tusk ///// this is certainly very childish and very funny)))) .... maybe this is what attracts players to this slot machines))) ..... but I probably will refrain from games on this slot .... it does not cause me to trust .... like it's all very light

I did another go last night with this slot.
Got very lucky and in about 150 spins i got the free spins 3 times.
So i tested all three features.
By far the first one, where all elephants become wild was the best, with 62 gain and 1 USD bet.
At the end i had about 30 profit.

This post by propokerash has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
very good a fun and well designed slot with safari theme that brings lots of excitement and adrenaline to big prizes and big jakpotes I will joogar every day

Yea its a fun slot to play,
i remember when planet of the apes came out, was soo cool to play,..but when u notice it wont pay a lot in bonus game Sad then u stop playing it,...its a shame it looked soo cool,.
King tusk can atleast pay good in base game,...and for sure in the bonus game,..
It can be ez 1000x and ven more i think wouldnt be suprised it it can go over 2ooox its only need to hit Big Smile

i played nothin specialy

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