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Big Hand Hot 2.20$ On Stars  0   
Just turned Quads and now have really good stack to make deep run at this one!.

Now in top 150 with more than 45 BB to play with. Just need to keep this up and could be looking at good profit today!

Also just cashed another 1.10$ Hyper-Turbo on Stars. more profit already!

Wish me luck guys!

Just hit this flip and won.

Top 70 now and we're past late reg now!.

Out of the 1.10 Hyper. AQ failed me.

now ITM sitting 251/717 after break.

And got Kings immediately after coming back and this happened!

Bam! now top 80 with that monster.

Got the run good going hope it continues as we've already cashed now!

Edited by TheIrish77 (06 December 2017 @ 21:04 GMT)

That was one very lucky hand with the A8.
So many cards he could get and get the win. Flush, straight, set...even straight flush Smile
Keep running like that, you are closing to the final table once more Smile
Good luck.

That Queens vs AJ hand hurt would've had more than 85K and top 15ish if held.

Oh well still have great chip stack and can still maneuver around a bit and play not so tight.

Top 50 with 200 to go!

Just had Queens hold against 55 preflop all in and now top 30!

Now top 15 after this hand !

This is gettig nreal now for your boy TheIrish77.

let's bring home the Trophy for the BRM crew!

Just found a huge double after l;soing more than half stack a bit earlier.

very much needed and back into it!

Out in 54th oif the Hot 2.20 now.

Made a late mistake as always and blew a good chance at decent score. Made 10.28$ for all that work. Laughable really.

So sick of the close calls and only too be undone by myself shitting the bed.

Another profit yes but really played badly once top 100 was reached. Made 2 critical errors by my accounts and missed 1 hand earlier which would have netted me another 150-200k too my stack.

Godo night all see ya tomorrow.

Thanks for whomever watched or read about it.

Edited by TheIrish77 (06 December 2017 @ 22:29 GMT)

It's great to see our boy TheIrish having another deep run in a tournament and getting a nice return on his investment. I really do enjoy reading about his exploits and i hope to read about many more wins in the future

Gratz for thw two cashes at PokerStars! Out ib 54th was not bad and perhaps you have a little bit more luck next time Blink Sometimes it was a 50:50 situation to make a move or not and you want a big stake for the final table, so it was ok to play agressive in this situation.

a little win is also a win ... of course if you invested a little money and won 40 times more it probably is not a very big win ... this is a big win .... I congratulate you on winning and I wish you another time to get a bigger win. good luck with the game ... write more messages on the BRM ... everyone is interested

You got almost 5 times your buy in, which is a good result.
It is always disappointing reaching so close and not making to a more decent position but,
it is better than nothing.
You can get the small wins anytime, aiming for the big ones.
Well done. Thumbs Up

It's an incredible feeling when you flop a set of Kings. Your opponent probably had one pair or two pairs.
Wow! The player 6 reshoved preflop with pocket Fours? That was quite loosey goosey, I guess?

Very nice hand theirish,..
U doing very well ,..
ive seen u uploaded a few nice wins,..i think you play steady,..
and u just need to keep this going and you will be rich ..
Once again congrats on youre money,,
I am waiting for another topic that u bag a nice win again Worship

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