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Trying to get some Mojo back and make a decent score today. Already min cashed a couple of Hyper Turbo's .

Sitting 4/26 now with top 27 paid out s o still just a min cash at the moment. Got Aces 2 hands in a 3 hand run. Got paid off the second time...

Good chance at great ROI and profits here.

Be back when done or closer to FT!

Just got The bullets once again and someone shoved preflop with A9 and I held now 2/20!


Now 4/8 after losing AQ vs AK and losing about 20K of my stack but got it back a hand or 2 later with AQ against 10 9os. hit nut flush on river but was ahead with trip Aces anyways.

Already have 9.02$ locked up but we're obviously playing for the Trophy here!

Out i 5th position for a payout of 23.80$ more than 21$ in profit and even though i made a small mistake later on I'm pleased with my play so far today and yesterday as well.

Even though the bigger scores haven't hit yet they can't be too far off with these consistent performances.

Also playing a 0.55c NLHE 8-Max Turbo and have already cashed this one as well. Top 10 currently 8/125 after this hand held up for me !

Hopefully one more decent cash before i call it a day.

Wish me luck boys and girls!

Edited by TheIrish77 (07 December 2017 @ 19:39 GMT)

a good result Irish,always gives you a little boost cashing in a few,makes us believe the bad spells over.... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Thanks Callie!

Could of made a bit more but made a crucial mistake later on. Always seems to be my downfall bad mistakes late in MTT's

Now 3/77 in the 55 cent 8 max NLHE!

Just had Aces on here and they held again ! That's 4/4 today!

Another final table coming ? lets hope so boys and girls!

Now 5/48 remaining with more than 125$ + up top !

Now 4/27 getting really close now.

Final 2 tables now ! 2/17 remaining and just hit this hand to launch me well into 2nd!

So close to another final table back to back!

Edited by TheIrish77 (07 December 2017 @ 20:53 GMT)

You are having another good run today Smile
Juts play as you know, go to that final table and get the top prize once more.
What a better way to come back from that absence.
Dont take fast decisions, just relax and win it Smile
Good luck Thumbs Up


2 straight runs for your boy TheIrish77 that he's made at least a final table and now chip leader with 9 players remaining.

Got super lucky to burst the bubble. A8 clubs vs QQ and i hit runner runner straight after flopping club draw as well.

Edited by TheIrish77 (07 December 2017 @ 21:20 GMT)

Getting super lucky is always a good thing while playing poker.
And the last couple of days you had some.
Lets hope it will hold on Smile

Just got gifted this from one of my opponents! can it get any better than turning over your cards and seeing that's what you're up against.

Now 2/4.

had Aces and someone shoved 1010 into me and they flopped set and took good chunk of my stack. back up again.

So Sick could've really put the hammer of Thor on this run but now final 4 are discussing deal.

Just made a deal and finished in 2nd place when we were 3 remaining. I could've p[layed it out buty was down around 700k to 1st place so i went with my gut and took deal.

I made a bit of extra cash from the deal if i had finished in 2nd. So i finished up with 95.27$ for this effort. Seems like the short stack always gets a better deal when this happens! They went up almost 22$ when i only went up around 4$ - 5$

great day for your boy TheIrish77 today and looking forward to more positive results tomorrow.

Have a great night ladies and Gentlemen and may your dreams come true!

Edited by TheIrish77 (07 December 2017 @ 22:20 GMT)

Great result you got there. You not only went to another final table that fast, after your return,
but you almost took it over.
If it wasnt the deal you could have Smile
Not but going with one at that point . A nice daily income.
Well done. Thumbs Up

Wow! Huge congratulations go out to our fellow mobster TheIrish77 on winning the $600 guaranteed tournament at PokerStars. You are a really good multi-table tournament player. May all your future ventures result in success.

Congratulations Theirish77..
Its alway sweet when u bag a tournament,...
and iff u ask me well deserved u win..
You can always loose by a nasty suckout,..but its great when all comes togheter and u get first place..
It means that u do all good and dont need to change youre play,..keep on going m8
once again congrats.

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