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UGHHHH! Sunday Milly Satellite Disappointment : (  0   
Today had a great shot at qualifying for The Half price Sunday Milly today and finished 8th with 6 tickets issued. Especially since i was chip leader with about 20 to go but made a one crucial error late on but still made 11.00$ for finishing in 8th. gross but I'll Try again tonight to secure a ticket and try for the big bucks tomorrow!

Anyone Else been playing these and won there way for a shot at over 100K?

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Where is this satellite? in pokerstars or party poker because i can not access the party poker room they do not have a license in my country. I play more in 888 poker. In pokerstars i did not play anymore than when i won something at a freeroll. I do not trust them anymore but now i have 20 dollars with free and few sng. I want to consume with satellites.

This has got to be the most frustrating thing to happen when you play tournament poker. You play so well for so long and then you make a slight mistake and all your hard work is for nothing and you but out

Poker poker poker why are you soo cruel to players that ike to play poker
Poker poker poker dont be a **** bad ass Joker
Poker poker poker u never seems to give me good cards,.
Poker poker poker ,.. why u being suchs Arse Aww crap!

These are some mad rap skills dude. but you really have to listen to this one:
Sunday milli, Sunday Milli, make you hot like a chilly. Don't worry and be relax, another day you will get some stacks. But until then you have to stay on the grind, eat and sleep well and get a sharp mind. This is now a rap battle thread, thank you for listening and throw some coins in my hat. Thumbs Up funky

This is not so good luck to you theurish, if you say you are chipleader with inly 20 people to end of tournament and end by finish in 8 place where 6 people get satellite ticket, then of course this is sad, because this is very good chance and sunday million is really big tournament I too would like to play some time

You were close but no cigar. At least not a big one, cause you got money instead Smile
Lets hope that you will have more luck today, finishing on top for the ticket,
seeing you tomorrow posting a thread, with huge money won from the main tournament Smile Thumbs Up

One of the good things about satellites is that they allow you to play in events that your bankroll can’t normally afford. The satellites are different than regular tournaments and seemingly standard moves are not always justifiable partly because of their unique payout structure.

congratulations on the win ... certainly not very nice to receive less than you should have received ..... but in any case it is a win and therefore this is also a good result .... I wish you good luck in the subsequent tournaments and I'm sure that soon you write about new victories

yeah,so close to 6th place,but again so far from goal!and you can regret for this great chance,especially when we read that you was chipleader!to bad that you didnt make it,but I am sure that tonight or some other day,you will!good luck TheIrish77

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