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Playing a 2.50$ 180 Turbo on Stars and got it in the first 2 hands and they both held up and have 3x starting stack.

If I can't cash this one then i think something is really wrong with me Aww crap!

Hope the run good keeps up today!

wow and i'm out. AQ vs AK nothing more to say : (

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great game .... of course you are very lucky that your opponent decided to risk having a straight in his arms and not thinking that you can have a flush ..... but this is certainly a very good beginning ..... I wish good luck in continuing the tournament and I hope to see a report on a good result

You started good but it didnt last.
But you are doing good overall, and a loss isnt a hit on your bankroll.
You can only say that it was a waste of time at this point, and nothing more for you Smile
You will bounce up again.

you made mistakes in both cases, but so are they... in first hand I agree that 3-bet from SB with AQs is a must... but not shove after 2x open and a call... you should 3-bet it and a little bigger... I know that guy that called, cannot be ahead of you but guy that opened can be ahead of you... on secon hand why you min raise on button on 1st lvl of tournament? you should 3x it in first couple of lvl and than switch to 2,1-2,5BB open when blinds are little higher... thats it from me hope I helped to improve your game little Blink and GL in future Blink

Its always a very nice situation when this happens and it makes you feel very confident for the rest of the tournament. When you get a big stack early on, i always try and sit and wait for extremely good spots and play accordingly

The player 6 open raising and calling your 75-bb shove with Ace Jack off is really laughable. Generally speaking, doubling (or even tripling) up his/her stack at the early stage of the tournament won't give a significant advantage to a player of his/her caliber unless he/she keeps hitting a streak of good luck.

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