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That's right your boy TheIrish77 is back at it late night and hoping to take down a later run and make up for some early day misery,

Sitting top 20 with 240 remaining.

Here are a few of the hands that have propelled me near the top once again...

Bluffing hand

Wish me luck boys and girls hope to take this one down!

GL for TheIrish77!!! I don't know what are you used to in terms of top the rank, but i would'nt mind that much if i were you. Of course that the most near the top you are means the better you can handle for the rest of the tourney, but i use to round the mid range of the field and don't complain much about my results. Small stacks risk higher, some big stacks use to do it to take advantage from direct opponents, but if some hand runs the wrong way, it will be difficult to recover with that spirit. Don't mind me wrong, it's just my way of being at the tables. Keep us updated, hope you share good things with the mobsters!!!

GL for you in this tourney last night at PokerStars! It seems that you have a good run in the moment and i wish you luck for the next tourneys. Perhaps you can give yourseld some christmas gifts with winnings in tourneys Blink And at the final table was everything possible.

Thanks mate. now under 100 players remain in this run. dropped back a bit now around 55 so still got a chance but need to get some chips soon. Blinds are getting high now and will make my choice pretty easy preflop.

now top 20 after triple up!!!

3.71$ locked up so far with more than 178$ up top for this run.

Sitting in 4th chip position now after pocket 10's hold up against former chip leader and now big chance at winning this run!

Let's take this one down boys and girls ! ''WIsh me luck

3/35 at the break now.

Just picked up some much needed chips to add to my stack after this hand,,,

Crazy run again and final table in the forecast ?

Now this s h i t ! Stars you hate me don't you

I think im going to be sick guys.

So gross out in 24th for 5.30 f u c kkkkkkkkkkkk.

Last hand 88vs AK & AQ bricks til lriver then K hits of course.

Fucking Aces again ruin me WTF poker gods. why always near end of ru do you do this to me so consistently ? Torture is the only reasonable reasoning.

FML i should be rich but idiots keep getting so lucky.

Edited by TheIrish77 (14 December 2017 @ 07:19 GMT)

Another good run for you but what an incredibly sick hand that pocket aces was. You played the hand perfectly in my opinion, you didnt raise too much so as to scare him away and got your chips in good. Very unlucky mate

Those aces ruined your tourney but you played well, there's nothing wrong in your decision. Be proud of that, also of the result you achieved and keep fighting for good results. It was a very nice game, remember that!

Well, again I see that someone more lucky did not let you climb to the top of the pyramid .... it's very sad ... but you still won something and of course it's nice .... I wish you luck in the following tournaments and not upset all your big winnings are yet to come ... good luck with the game

Why do you make threads only about you, but you never take the time to be interested in someone else. you only make threads about yourself. Pretty selfish.

You Being serious ?

i comment on others success all the time.

Yes i make some threads about myself but what else am i going to do? Make a thread stating "Ingrind33 is the best person in the world?" LMAO what's with the hate bud ?

Sorry if my threads offend you for how selfish they are. I'll only comment from now on and not make my own threads. Make you happy now ?

Have great day.

Bad luck there with the aces. The other player got the one card flush, pretty sick.
S**t happens as they say Smile
Better luck on your next game, with more pairs holding.
That 88 all in was unlucky also, rivered b the king.

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