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That's right your boy TheIrish77 fresh off a rager last night and hell of a hangover is back at it and nearing another possible final table !

Ended up finishing 8th overall for a payout of 13.61$ with more than 10$ profit as i used 3 bullets on this attempt but just narrowly missed the final table once again.

Another profit as this is the only run i've tried so far and might be the last as well for the day.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and are enjoying the holiday season.

Theirish out !

sometimes when the self-health of the body is not very good it turns out to win there where it did not turn out to win in a normal state ..... I congratulate with a good game and a profit of 10 dollars ..... Of course it is insulting that it did not rise above but in any case it is a win ... good luck.

Profit is always good especially because you played in a tournament with 995 entries. Even if you rejoined twice after buy in is not an inconvenience. The game you play in many tournaments shows that you can hope for more money in the future. Is a good game and you play a good style. Congratulations. Cool

Gratz for another cash in a hyper turbo tournament at Stars! The 8th place are verry good and the itm too and i´m sure your next big cash was not so far away. You are verry often itm and i think with a good run you can rock one of these hyper turbo´s in the next few days Thumbs Up

Congratulations TheIrish77 with a good result! As I see, you are a very strong and decent player. A couple of days before you just won 3.30$ tourney! Such a good run. Do you have any hand history for us to analyze and learn from you? It might be helpful for the most of us, I guess. Worship

Well done mate, my holiday will start on 22th December and as from this date I'll start to grind back and will probably win small amounts like you just did but it's better than nothing... it's been 3 months since I played my last game due to intence work quite everyday.

I saw the screenshot, you finished eighth, saying you missed the final table.
I wondered and then i look just to see it was a 6 max.
Finishing eighth, can be considered final table Smile Nice one. Thumbs Up

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