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PLaying a few runs and al lgoing pretty well atm.

PLaying the 1.10+R NLHE Splash 4K gtd and sitting top 10 just before registration ending. Great chip stack and if i can build a bit more with the addon of 30 K coming up still should make for very interesting run.

Also playing the Hot 2.20 6K gtd and sitting ,middle of the pack so far.

Also sitting in a 5.50 Hyper Turbo and have doubled up early on in that run as well.

updates will come along the way.

Just got lucky AQ vs AK in the 5.50 hyper turbo now with over 11k stack in that one. Top 15 stack playing hwere now!

Crazy rungood continues.

Wish me luck guys might be another big day!

ITM of the 5.50 Hyper on stars and now top 25 stack. got lucky but i'll take it!

now hit nut flush top 15!

now at break in the hyper turbo 5.50$ and sitting 10 of last 165 playeres remaining!

Hvae locked up 12.74 so far so that's good news but with my stack nwo anythig nless than near top finish night be a bit disappointing.

Still in the 1.10 Splash as well as we just hit add on of 30K. Only have 43K after that lost a chunk right before add-on.

Time to regroup and get ready for final drive to final table !

Dman out in 37th for a 24.34$ payout.

Had a real chance as i moved into 3rd spot and then immediately gave it back.

Thought i had hit top pair against Ace X and the nhe turns over Kings. lost almost all but still managed good profit on this one!

Edited by TheIrish77 (19 December 2017 @ 21:23 GMT)

Gratz for the 37th itm place in this $5,50 hyper turbo at Stars! I think this was the right strategy to go forward in this situation, because you need a big stack for a possible final table. With a minimum stack you are only food for the sharks at the final table Blink

Massive well done to our fellow forumite TheIrish77 on finishing the $5.50 buy-in tournament in 37th place. You are getting a good result in a hyper-turbo tournament as well. I hope the good run continues for you.

this time you do not have a very high place .... but still you have a good win .... I see that you raise the bet and it certainly is justified ..... maybe soon you will be able to win a big prize .. .. in any case, I congratulate you on the prize-winning place and I wish you victory in any tournament .... good luck

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