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that's right your boy TheIrish77 is back at it and final table hunting once again.

moving to quick to write more now.

Be back with update soon!

1/17 now !

Had AQ suited hold against pocket 9's after catching flop A.

Now at break and sitting 6/11 after making huge mistake late but got AJ with about 5 BB left and more than doubled up thanks to someone calling with 10 7 os.

Another deep run and so close to another final table folks.

Be back when we hit the last stage.


Can't even believe i'm typing this once again but your boy TheIrish77 has managed to wiggle his way into another Final table.

Now sitting 5/6 with 36.27$ locked so anotthe good profit run!

So ended up with a 4th place finish which could of been 3rd if i had folded my last hand as 2 other player went in and 1 got eliminated also but had more chips than I.

Cashed another 74.72$ which is 72.52$ in profts as i only used a single bullet on this run.
great way to end the night with another great profit. Would have liked the victory but too many mistakes late in this one cost me but still managed a great outcome.

Good night my fellow mobsters and hope everyone has themselves a wonderful day.

TheIrish out!

Edited by TheIrish77 (21 December 2017 @ 09:15 GMT)

you are higher and higher with each tournament !!! .... I congratulate you on the game and a good prize ... 72 dollars is certainly a nice profit .... The fourth place is already very close to the top ..... until the end of the year 10 more days and I believe that you will win in the tournament Blink

I think you have fun while earning that money. I do not know what happens to pokerstars is very generous with you. I say this because i did not have such a good luck playing there. I always lost in advanced phases and i only managed two final tables in real money games in 4 years. I was very disappointed and lost my total trust in this poker room. Of course it is not for everyone the same.
Science is science but you also need some luck. I did not have that bit of luck. Congratulations for your prize. Cool

Gratz for another nice cash in the hyper torbos at Stars! Now the 4th place for nearly $75 bucks, verry good Thumbs Up Only thre steps and you win one of these tourneys, i´m sure that you are not far away from a big cash. It seems, that these hyper turbos can be verry +ev with the right strategy.

Congratulations TheIrish77 on another fantastic perfomance! I think that you are one of the most successful Mobsters these days. You come to thhe final table in almost every tourney you're participating in, thats unbelievably good perfomance !

You are rocking lately. Not that you werent getting good results in the past,
but you are getting more profit now.
This looks is going to be a good year for your poker career. I think we can say it a career Smile
It is more than a recreational play. At last that is how i see it Smile

Absolutely gigantic congratulations to TheIrish77 on making the final table in the $750 guaranteed tournament at PokerStars. You racked up more than $70 in profits in less than 2 hours. That's $35+ per hour!

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