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That's right what seems to our nightly TheIirsh77 post late in the early mornings.

Just hit this hand to move me near top of field!

Wish me luck might be another final table in my future!

3/14 now after this held up for me...

3 of 8 now !


Holy S H I T boys and girls it's happened once again and now 2/5 remaining in this run. with 25.46$ locked up so far.

gotta get back and play it out now.

So sick this hand...

wouldve knocked out a player and been down to 3 but now in 4th.

out in 4th. player pushed pocket 5's i called with A10 os and missed. cashed for 36.54$ for a profit of 34.34$ so another decent payout but should have been heads up for the title easily. Still can't believe that 7 came out made me sick.

Oh well another good run and final table experience but gods not wanting me to win another one at this time, just teasing with close finishes.

Good night all.

Edited by TheIrish77 (22 December 2017 @ 07:39 GMT)

Do not pass one day without qualifying for a final table in a tournament in the pokerstars room Cool
It's great for you. You have managed these good tournaments and you have earned a total amount of money maybe for next levels. 11 dollars buy in Blink you are good player and more money is very good. Congratulations and Good Luck Thumbs Up

my congratulations on the next final table and another good win .... of course the two sevens on the table spoiled the whole game at the final table .... it's sad ..... but still you've reached the final table and it's certainly an excellent result ... the year has not yet ended and I believe that you will win this year's tournament Worship

Gratz for another final table in this hyper turbo at Stars! This kind of tourneys are verry profitable for you. Looks like a challenge and you can build your bankroll step by step Thumbs Up Wish you luck and a good hand for the tourneys!

You are doing just great. It is not easy winning the top position each time.
What you are doing is already unthinkable by many, by finishing that close to the top,
in each tournament SmileJust keep winning and growing that bankroll of yours.
Good win Thumbs Up

- A nearly perfect flop for your AJo! Your opponent with A6o was virtually dead on the flop.
- Your pocket Nines held up against two players, dodging 12 outs. Pretty lucky.
- A7o push. Quite audacious. That was a really nasty Seven on the turn.

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