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Hye boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and hoping everyone had an amazing holidays over the past few weeks and now it's time to make back all that moeny spent on gifts and drinking, so much drinking.

Well i've got myself a good one going at the moment and looking to make a very deep run today.

Playing the 1.10$ +R Splash 4K gtd. Now just hit add-on for this run so I'm currently sitting in 3rd chip leader spot and able to make some plays with this stack. my tables mates won't know what hit them.

Had some big hands along the way obviously and here are a few key ones so far...

Let's make this a memeroable run and take it down boys and girls!

Wish me luck. Updates will follow up shortly.

Good start already, with half of the field already out.
With another final table finish you are gonna have a nice profit.
But dont stop there, go for the title Smile
We know you can do this. Good luck.

Thanks Mober, Lost som echips but have bounced back now. 62 of 295 with top 206 paid out. not quite there yet but getting interesting now.

Also have some good chips in the Title fight Micro 3K gtd on Party sitting top 20 with 135 to go. top 120 of this run get paid out. getting real in both these runs.

be back with naother update later on.

ouch just got knocked out A10 so dumb in the Splash. Jacks held up and im gone. so ugly.

I should maybe concentrate more and stop typing during my runs maybe. Could be one of my issues with concentration later on.

Either way all bad on my part ugh.

Still got the Title giht Micro on Party and still around top 20 just before bubble.

Chip leader now in the Micro Title fight 2.20$ buy-in! .

Just Had Aces hold up against K10.

Now 1/83 with 540$ up top for First place!!

Getting hyped in here!

Holy s**t just hit Quad 2's to move back into 2nd place with only 55 left. 11.70$ locked up so far but going for the title as the name of the tourney suggests.

4 of 32 remaining with 14.10$ locked up so far.

Out in 27th FML!!!!!

Blew up hard late in this one and only collected 14.10$ for my efforts. Dominating most of this run and then boom just falls apart.

Had a chance at something really big here and threw it all away. not even decent cards pure trash i played myself out with.

Edited by TheIrish77 (27 December 2017 @ 22:57 GMT)

a good game and finchneo I understand that you are a bit offended that at the very end of the tournament you did not manage to keep the pace and the whole end ..... but still it's a wonderful result and I congratulate you on a new victory ... I wish good luck in new tournaments ... upward movement

nice amount for you from 2,20 $ buy in and to bad that you didnt make till final table!you had great postion,great number of chips,but this time you didnt make till end!I am sure that next time you will,when you come in this position!

- Wow! You decided to reshove King-Ten off suit there? Very lucky turn card for you.
- The player 1 check-calling your smallish bet on the flop and the turn is not an optimal play.
- Easy call. A fairly safe flop for your pocket Aces.
- Ace-Ten can be a troublesome hand at times.

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