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Thats right your boy TheIrish77 is back at it and trying to take down a Micro 2.20$ 8-Max turbo and now in top 100 with 2750 runner remaining. Top 1903 get paid but obviously looking for a title would be glorious!

Also got something cooking in the Hot 1.10$ 2.5K gtd. ITM already and in top 150ish with top 692 paid out.

Could be a good day ladies and gentlemen. be back with updates through out

Major missteps and out in 4 or 5 hands later from winter series. Ouch missed with A10 vs QQ and then KJ vs AJ and gone. So close too cashing as well.

Still going strong in the Hot 1.10 2.5K gtd sitting top 40ish currently with about 470 runner remaining .

Top 20 stack now in the hot 1.10$ on stars after this hand...

Edited by TheIrish77 (28 December 2017 @ 23:32 GMT)

I have also tried some small games in winter series tournaments. From 4 games i only managed to finish one in prizes but that's not a problem. I will try a few more these days, but i do not know if i will do something good. A top 100 i could but a final table is a bit difficult. I hope that next year i will improve my game or leave the poker. Smile

again you play very well and the tournament is still going on and there are chances of winning good money .... I wish you good luck in this tournament and I hope to see a message soon about a good win or even about winning this tournament .... forward !! ! .... beat all the opponents

so how did this finished?did you got anything,what is result?did you earn something or everything finished before!but I am sure that you will play again in this days and that result will be better with cashing on the end!

No i torpedoes myself close to bubble of cashing. had huge stack and lost control of it. happened a lot yesterday and the last few days too be very honest.

Have played some of my best poker to date but very little to show for it.

Really been painful endings to great runs for the mst part.

Oh well have to move on and hopefully not do that again.

sometimes you go up, sometimes you go down, probably is your graph goes upwards which is a good thing, have you ever considered to play satellites so you can play big tournies, that is always interesting. poker is one bumpy road so you need a good jeep to travel these paths of wilderness, poker can not always be nice, but you get paid off, so it is ok

AJo vs ATs
- You can't ask for a better flop. Your opponent (Player 2) who open-raised seven times the big blinds (more than half of his/her chip stack) with Ace-Ten of Hearts preflop was practically dead on the flop.

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