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Happy New Years 2018 everyone :)  +1   
Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night Mobsters I know I haven't posted in ages but I just wanted to wish everyone in the Bankroll Mob Community a Happy New Years 2018 to everyone wishing everyone Peace and Harmony in life, Happyness, Good Health, Wealth and of course hope all of you run amazing in poker look forward to reading all your great results at the table and be happy for everyone and their successes in poker. I'm happy and grateful to be apart of such a great community of people at Bankrollmob and accepted Smile

Talk to you all soon keep well my friends and once again Happy New Years 2018 Big Smile Thumbs Up Smile

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G'day mate

Happy New Years from me as well.
I do hope that 2018 will be better for us all then 2017.
truly wish for you all to find happiness and joy in 2018.
Hope you are not to hung over from last night Blink
wishing you all the best
be cool

Ronin Cool

Thanks Ronin

Happy New Years to you buddy yes we must hope 2018 is way better then 2017 hope for the best and that luck will be on our side. Smile I hope you also have happiness and joy this year and everything goes well for you. Smile Of course I partied responsibly and had a quick recovery Blink hope you had a great celebration as well and spent it with good company. Smile Once again wising you all the best buddy take care and be well. Smile

Sammybeyo Cool

Welcome back, sammybeyo. Happy New Year, everyone!
May each day of the new year bring happiness, excitement and sweet surprises on your doorstep! Wishing you and your loved ones a prosperous year.
Good luck at the poker table!

Happy New Years for everyone, including The BankrollMob and get as many winnings as possible in online betting, casino or poker platforms. Let's hope it will be a better year without crime or robberies in casinos and without attempts to cheat players of different names in this industry. Big Smile

Thanks Tony_MON7ANA Happy New Years to you my friend Smile I also wish you the same in the new year 2018 also wishing you happiness, excitement, and everything to go your way and also health and hope you and your family have an awesome 2018 you deserve it buddy your a very good friend and person and hope life brings you all good things your way. Smile Also best of luck at the poker tables hope success finds you and you deserve nothing but the best thanks again for the great wishes Thumbs Up Smile

Thanks CALICUL I also wish you a very happy new years all the best to you in 2018 hope poker goes amazing for you and wish you all the best for health and everything and all the best to you and your family keep well my friend and all the best in 2018 Thumbs Up Smile

I too like to say happy new year to all bankrollmob forum members and say good luck to you for all 2018 year, hope you will win prizes and become rich from poker. Also good luck in your personal life, best health and wish th as t all of your dreams become reality. Best 2018 to all!!!

Thanks Gerimantas Happy New Years 2018 to you too my friend all the best and hope you also win prizes and become rich from poker and run good and have luck in your personal life and health and everything you desire. Hope your dreams come true and become a reality hope your life goes great Happy 2018 once again and have a great year. Thumbs Up Smile

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