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Hi all its a long time that i write i post here but i will warn you to play by 888.
I was a member for many years by 888 and i play Online Poker and Casino for over 10 years now,but i never had a problem like this.
OK here's the fact i play in 888 Casino a slot and i win Freespins i had winnings for 4$ and i think 8 Freespins to run.
Then i got disconnect,normally not a problem i start the Casino again and get the Massage that i have a open session where i disconnect from,but the game doesn't start no Freespins no money that i win in the Freespins.
Other slots running without a Problem.
So i write the support and get the message they will check this and i must wait 5 days.
After the 7th day nothing happens and i write again to the support.
Then i geht a message they have fix the problem and they have put 2,36$ to my account.
I dont understand why i geht 2,36$ and start the slot to play my freespins but nothing no 4$ no Freespins.
So i write again to the support and ask where are my Freespins and my Freespins winning but they say the 2,36$ are all that i get and i write a few emails more but they only say they make no mistake and the 2,36$ was my win from the game.
I'm very happy that i play this time only for 25cent a spin and i have not a very big win in the freespins,but when i thing i had a big win for a few 100$ and then i get not my money Form a site like 888 i think i had do this the for a long time Aww crap!
And i ask my how stupid is 888 on any other site the support had give my Freespins or money when anything goes wrong equal if i was a new player or a long time costumer how i by 888
My english is not so good so i hope you understand was i write Blink
And have attention when you play by 888 Angry
Have a good day and good luck for all

hi there, I understand what you mean, but you must know that all big poker operators can have some errors, it is quiet annoying yes, luckily for you this was just with free credits, playing slots is always a hazard and even if you play with much then the machine can still eat your money, try to send another email and hopefully you find another site or maybe you can enjoy it if you get your refund, good luck with it!

Technical problems happen from time to time.
And for you happened the worst possible time, having won and playing the free spins.
But 888poker has a good reputation whatsoever.
I understand you got mad, that you didnt get compensated at full by crediting the full amount
plus the free spins, but probably they couldnt verify this with the data they had.
Better luck next time.

This could happens to every one, it happens to me sometimes I got disconnected while playing casino and using the free spins, everything was at the same spot as before got disconnected. I love 888 poker to be honest, lately they are not answering their mail or chat support. I am bit scared about their time to respond on their emails, 1 week is too much to wait for answer in this days.

OK update after a lot emails i write,i write yesterday that i stop playing at 888 and i will report the site by UK gambling commision today.
And oh wonder today i get the answer when 888 restart the game the Freespins are lost.Why the hell they say this not by my first E-Mail i write or by the secound or third
And they give me 10 Freespins on the house
In the past the support by 888 was very good,but i think they Chance maybe the support company or they got a lot of New members in the support staff.Is not the first time that i just write a lot of emails.
In the years before the most time i must write maybe 2, one for the Problem and one to say THX that they fix it. Blink
Oh yeah good old times they never come back

That is true about that things use to be better, do you remember the old days where everything was made of durable materials, just good quality stuff. but in this day of age it is only about making money, there is no honor involved anyway. For the poker clients I can't if they became better or worse, but just let us know what kind of email you will get back if they are going to send you any.

dont know is this better thing,because you had some winnings and you had few spins more to get more money,so dont know how is this better for you,but ok!they should restart game and start from that place where you stoped,not to give you new free spins!

Ingrind 33 i love your mind...we are stumble across the English language and you write poetry. You have what write. I like it very much!! And I think so...we write and reclaim, scream and cry for our money before companies built to get us out, it´s no fair. We need to build a Jockers League!
Go Ingrind!!! jajajahahaha

In the past 2-3 years most poker rooms have many software problems. It is very difficult for them when players play and the software gives an error instantly. So he prefers to give the player a very small amount of money even if he won a bigger prize. I think this is also written in the regulation,

One factor may be the number of the players they are having.
It is not easy offering customer support to so many members.
And their numbers must have grown considering the many small sites have gone out of business.
Nice you got the free spins after all.

watoba, we are really sorry to hear that you have been having problems with That sounds like a major pain in the arse. Your outrage and frustration are warranted in a situation like this. All the best for your future.

Lol i win 10$ with the Freespins,and i play the slot again i have 2 or 3 Freespins rounds that can i play but by the next Freespins the game stop again,with a message error ID:100 please contact support.But now i can make a Screenshots with the error code and you can See how many Freespins i have and the money i have win.
And what say 888 they restart the game and say i have no winnings lol.I write again and ask are your sure i have no winnings look at the Screenshot i have sent you.And they answer no you have no winnings.
LOL sry 888 i will never deposit money there,i will only play the freerolls now maybe i'm lucky and get my money back

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You are unlucky after all.
You managed to get the free spins after all that effort and then this happened again.
I guess you quit early this time trying to get what you had Smile
Stick to sites with better casino games with netent and microgaming.

if they give y 2.36 the must see there is something wrong
if they can check that... why not give the 4 $ and free spins

I'm going to play in this 888 poker room in the future. I just want to play poker and if there is a need for sports betting. Now i have level 48 and is very good but i want to perfect my game for extra money. Is a good software and I think it deserves this. Cool

Posted by teiwaz:
if they give y 2.36 the must see there is something wrong
if they can check that... why not give the 4 $ and free spins

If they dont have the ability to check the whole history and verify, what has actually happened,
they wont do it.
Cause i doubt that a company like that would go to such lengths to rip a couple of dollars,
from a player.
For them, it will be a waste of time, and resources... trying to save 2 bucks Smile

i had similar experience to 888 casino, the only difference is that i got my free spin and my earned money,I played several times on a nightmare on the elm street slot and many times during the game this slot knows to make a few technical error,I needed to make refresh and then I see it all fine my free spin and my money was available to me,this slot is very good but many times during the game make these technical errors

They give me 3,6$ from the Spins, i'm very angry but i like 888 normally thats is a serious site.And they have good offers and tourneys so i will play by 888 but i make not a deposit there,when they update the Software maybe i will deposit again.
I play only with the Android APP and the APP is very Bad for a great company like 888.
No Multi table,the lobby Lags,sometimes i can not make a bet and they fold my cards and so on.
My connection is good and i have no problems on other sites.
Anyone have problems too with the Android APP?

Have a good weekend and GL @the tables for all

totaly understand you... I dont play on 888 because when I wanted to start there, there was problem in begining... what happend is like year or two ago my friend log in with my laptop on 888, and than after few day I decided to make acc there and BRM had great promo with no deposit bonus ( I think its 88$... 8$ cash and some ticket and rest is bonus that I have to rake) and I didnt recived that bonus... contacted support and they tell me I already have acc on 888 O.o and I cannot recive bonus O.o after few mails I gived up and decided not to play there ever... easy decision xD

the risks are much higher when playing on android. Errors are more often than when you play on your laptop or pc. It is true that they also have some errors. Last week i won two depositor tickets but did not get them anymore. Anyway it's a good room to play poker or another games.

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