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Unibet starts 2018 with Removal of their High Stakes Tables

Even though the consideration of NL€800 and PLO€800 as "high stakes" could be a little misleading for those who really are aware of what true high stakes online poker games are, nevertheless, they were a sound decision for Unibet when they introduced these high stakes games back in March 2017. However, it was only less than a year after their introduction that the management had decided [...]   Read more » Unibet starts 2018 with Removal of their High Stakes Tables

Unibet starts 2018 with Removal of their High Stakes Tables  0   
I think it's great that the house thinks about the losses of us recreationalists, but it's also our fault, we do not have the control or the discipline to manage our bankroll, but I like to think that way.

When you do not have players for such stakes it is normal to quit this option NL € 800 and PLO € 800 as "high stakes". Unibet does not have many players at such high stakes. Probably isildur1 had no partners there. Anyway it is better. Their software is unpleasant.

I think that they finally find out that they cant be like other poker sites and that they cant get more players,especially high stakes players!software is not so good,even they changed him arround year ago!and lobby and tables are not so good!for me,this is normal news for unibet poker!

Besides of a concern for a site, for its players losing too fast their money,
there is also another factor.
It is called rake Smile The more the money circulate the tables, the more the sites make.
So it is also in their best interest, for the players to lose in a slower rate.

Their reason to end with the higher tables may be true, but i guess it will be something that will always happen in the tables with highest buy-ins. They may not loose much players with this difference because those kind of players would already find that kind of games in other places and would have their preferences in other to chose between one or other room.

A €800 max buy-in (€4/€8 blinds) cash game isn't normally categorized as high stakes but I guess that was the highest level at unibet. Maybe there were a handful of bum hunters, but I doubt there were many casual players who could afford to play high stakes ring games on a frequent basis.

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You would think that these games would have proved very popular and i am surprised that they are removing them. These sort of stakes are not considered 'high stakes' in the poker world but they are 'super super high stakes' in my world!!

That big blind would make many players happy if it was their total annual winning,
by playing poker. So yes you are right, for the majority of the players it is considered
extremely high stakes Smile
Wonder how many players unibet usually has.

didnt play for few months at unibet poker,but before they had lot of problems with software,especially when they gived new one!lot uf bugs and ne things and they want to be serious site!you must first test something and then to give players something like this!

well I guess its not a big thing really- to open or close tables. probably there wasn't enough action on them and management decided that this is bad for poker room image to have empty tables for everyone to see. better just have tables on demand at any stakes players wish for.

pochui is totally right about this,that its not good image to have empty tables on whatever stake that it is!if you dont have high stake tables,then everybody would ask themself why to play there,when nobody with big wallet dont want to!

BankrollMob Forum » News » Unibet starts 2018 with Removal of their High Stakes Tables

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