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PokerStars 2018 PCA Main Event won by Maria Lampropulos for Over $1 Million

There were a total of 582 players who joined in on the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $10,300 Main Event, and after a grueling six consecutive days of action, only one was left standing, and that was none other than Maria Constanza Lampropulos, who nabbed the prestigious title for a whopping $1,081,100 plus a coveted $30,000 Platinum Pass! The Platinum Pass is meant to be for next year's Pok[...]   Read more » PokerStars 2018 PCA Main Event won by Maria Lampropulos for Over $1 Million

PokerStars 2018 PCA Main Event won by Maria Lampropulos for Over $1 Million  0   
Many congratulations to Maria on winning this massive event and the first prize of $1,081,100. This event is one of the most spectacular events of the whole year and it must be amazing to play in it

Unbelievalable i watched the streaming of the final table when they remained 3 poeple she was the outsider BUchanan was the leaderchip with 11.6m and Lampropulos with 2.7m and the german Aldemir was 2.7m after a good batle it moved to 6.7m buchanan and 2.7m Lampopulos and 5.6m Aldemir. How does she ended at the Top. Nice Woman beating all men on the PCA.

Wow, what a great achievement for her. I didn't look for her poker history, but is there any possibility that she started playing poker because of her longtime boyfriend, the leader of the all-time money Argentinian list? I'm sure poker was always present on their lives, and she did very well in starting to bet on this activity.

Congratulations to Maria Constanza Lampropulos on winning the 2018 PCA Main Event. This tournament is one of the biggest live tourneys held, and it's a great achievement of which almost every poker player dreaming of. It seems that she is now the best woman in Poker after her 2 huge wins during the last year.

wow what a main prize for best player and its women!its great to see that somebody like her won such a great tournament on such a great place!probably she will continue to play live poker and we will read about some new winning from her!

Gigantic congratulations go out to Argentinian professional poker player Maria Constanza Lampropulos on being crowned champion of the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure ME. I look forward to watching the replay on YouTube.

I couldn't believe when i woke up this morning and saw her name as the champion.

I'm very surprised no one said anything about her constant coughing and touching all the cards after basically spitting all over her hands every hand. That was one of the grossest displays i had to watch for hours.

Good on Maria for winning but i would've let her win just not to listen or watch he any longer.

But hey she's a millionaire now in a much better spot than myself.

I think this poker player Maria Constanza Lampropulos he learned a lot about poker before playing in these live tournaments. It is the second huge main event for this women and is very beautiful. This proves that it is very good to learn and then win a lot of money. Congratulations for this player Maria. Big Smile

I guess that in the near future we might see that she wears a pokerstars bagde on her , as we know that a lot of female pokerstars pros have left the building ... Anyway congratz and let's hope that it's not the last tourney she takes down !

big congrats to her,..
what a nice price to win would be soooo cool to win such a huge amount only for playing poker..
My biggest win was 2 k and that was already a great feeling...
its a huge amount for me thats for sure...
Respect to her to get first place in a pro tournament Worship

LIKEIT27, was this yours win in the online or live tournament? For me, I have never played live tournaments except some penny home games. It would be nice to play in a live tournament in a big casino someday. Even If I would not win, I'm sure that it must be a great feeling just to take part at it .

I've just watched the replays of the final table and I suspect if Maria has been suffering from a chronic respiratory disease. It was the spring of last year when I first noticed her relentlessly coughing and her symptoms don't seem to have faded.
And if I were her friend I would tell her to cough into her upper sleeve, not her hands.

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well this is nice to see a lady kicking arses of a ton of male poker pros. not that I particularly care who that one million went to, since it wasn't me, yet It is always nice to see female triumphing in such a male dominant industry, just a breath of fresh air I guess

I must admit that I didnt heard for her before this,maybe its my mistake,maybe she didnt play so much,I dont know!but for first time I see things that all of you write about her and how she did act on table and every other thing!next time they maybe should warn her and protect other players!

A nice win there. Didnt notice this thread till now, my eyy just locked on her name,
which is a greek one Smile
Born there in argentina, moved there? who knows, not much info for her online.
Nice price for 10k invested in the game.

Just simply wow!!! it is her second one million mark 1st prizes and it sure help a woman to be very solid at poker when you have a poker pro as boyfriend...

Many congratulations to these anonymous poker players who become known winning major poker tournaments. I would like to see many unknown players as they make money in this poker shark world. These poker rooms need to make more satellite tournaments for major live tournaments.

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