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Hi boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and thought I'd jump on the tables before bed and give er a go at it.

Playing a $1.10 6-Max hyper-Turbo and am currently sitting in 5/74 remaining. Played 2 bullets in this one so Just made some profit with the last level up. Now time to go get some big prizes!

Here's a key hand recently to grab some much needed chips...

Be back with update when finished.

wow just like that out in 55th place out of 609 entries.

Lost a huge flip like i have been lately. AK vs 88 and nothing.

i need to learn to drop that hand even though it's so lovely looking preflop. Any advice on playing Big Slick? I'll Take any and all suggestions.

Edited by TheIrish77 (23 January 2018 @ 08:09 GMT)

This time things didnt go as planned Smile
But it is a poker game after all. Anything can happen.
You are getting good results after all, so you dont have anything to worry.
You just need a bit more luck on your next game. Thats it.
So better luck next time Smile

My advice would be.... don't be disappointed if you get AK all in pre vs 88... it's a great spot, and with all the dead money that would be in the pot by that stage of a hyper tourney, your ~48% equity is more than enough.

Yeah AK vs 88 is absolute OK to play,this games decided offen if you win or lose tourney and to get ITM you should play this
I remember me for two games where i win with AK.vs AA vs KK on first i think No but i win one with a straight and the other one with a flush.OK very,very lucky but i think these 2 hands i will never forget Blink

I had one really silly hand today AKo utg , raised up to 2.5 bb and a guy after re raised quite big and when it came to small blind he shoved , as i was the shortest stack from 3 players and the second player who raised was middle stacked and small blind was huge stack , i thought , that there is no way that i am ahead or even on 40% here , i folded and the guy after me shoved he woke up with QQ and the guy in small blind AA , Haha i thought to my self Agree

Another potential deep run on the cards for TheIrish here (pun intended)

Take it down bud!

...another awful A8 call Disagree

so gross that diamond hitting on river. Too bad would've been in top 10 stack if those Jacks held up for me Yout.

KJs vs 98s
- King-King-Five rainbow! What a perfectly innocuous flop! Your opponent was 98%+ dead on the flop.

Hopefully you will make a deep run and hit a final table soon. Best of luck to you.

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