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Hello , , tell me when the new leaderboard starts and whether it will be possible to propose options, in which format should it be held?

Probably in a couple of weeks. But definitely would like to see another place as a host besides 888 because I gave up on that site long time ago to be honest. And I am not going to go back that is for sure.

Feel free to give suggestions about the format. We can't guarantee that anything will change, or if it's possible, but it never hurts to get feedback Thumbs Up

Administrator , i can write my proposals here, or better create a new post?

Up to you Smile

sanks, time to start a new leaderboard, is not yet known?

1) I would like to propose to increase the number of tournaments per week, to 2-3, so it would be more interesting and the players who played the most, could have a chance for more prizes.
2) If you want guarantees to be repulsed, then it would be logical to make a rebuy period more, with unlimited rebuys, if we allow to leave 8 minutes as it was the last time, and make more stacks, , then the hour for the rebuy period would not be bad.
3) Given the poor attendance of the past of the leaderboard, making more entrance fees is not a good idea, but one could add a twist to the type of the knockout, because a knockout tournament with rebuys and addons would definitely be more interesting than most of the public here. Thank you for your attention, all the luck at the tables)

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I think you have some good ideas at your suggestion,but I'm not sure if all this can happen because I think it does not depend on the bankrollmob but from the poker site where the tournaments are going to be played, otherwise I play free roll tournaments where there is an unlimited rebuys for example 10 levels,it would be nice to pay the participation to the tournament for example 20 cents, there would be much smaller number of players and a better chance for good placement for the members of bankrollmob

vaci38 , you do not think that the entrance to the leaderboard tournament for 20 cents, where it is played out 7800 dollars on the leaderboard, is it at least strange? I understand that my ideas will probably not be realized, but the Administration will change something, since they act on our benefit too.

Breakout Poker would be a nice place to run a new leaderboard at. Also, I'd also like a leaderboard with two standings, one free to enter and one with a real-buy-in. Split those $7800 between them equally, and set top-100 ITM for the free and top-20 for the real-money.

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