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Hye boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and hope everyone is having a good night.

Just started playing some late night Hyper-turbo's and turbo MTT's on Stars and have a good one working on right now.

Currently sitting top 10 as title says in a $0.55center with only 85 runners remaining. not too bad for mover 1k of entries.

Here's a couple of the bigger hands that got me here.

Be back with updates when finished.

Still in it 5 of 44 remaining now.

Just hit the break now and still sitting 4th overall with 35 players still in it.

Just got to keep playing the way i have and should be a good profitable run!.

Break now need some air.

3 of 17 now with $3.26 locked up so far. need to final table and get top 3 at least i'd say to make this worth it.

Edited by TheIrish77 (25 January 2018 @ 08:27 GMT)

Watching you now.... take it down! Thumbs Up

Sick rivers striking The Irish once again!

Hey yout what's up mate ? hope all is well with you.

Streaming today at all ?

I may do later... unsure yet.

I started watching just in time to see the AJ vs 99 hand... you shouldn't worry too much about it for a couple of reasons.... firstly, it was only 4 bbs... and secondly, you were behind when the money went in, so you weren't sucked out on.... just an action run out.

The aces a few hands later I think you were lucky to get paid on. Your preflop raise was too high from the cutoff (3.2bbs with no limpers) and if he has anything worse than KT, which is highly likely... he folds.

But still... looking good... see it through mate

Godo advice on those Aces bud. I will make adjustments on that one.

You're totally right not a big loss the AJ vs 99 with only 4 BB at risk.

Almost blew it with those Aces out there had KQ against his 9's. glad the clock went down on me.

Yeah, no way he was folding 99 on that board.

Don't deal btw... you're the best player on the table with the biggest stack. You'd only be giving away equity.

I think I'm the best of the bunch from how i've played throughout but still lots of poker too be played out. I've been known to throw it all away before hopefully that's all done with now.

Yeha i won't deal at this point too many chips and

Thanks for railing mate.

Finally Yout! They friggin work for me and when i need most!

Massive chip leader now! with $10.14 locked up so far with 84.19 up top.

Yout I should be pushing these guys around , even with weaker hands now or wait for somethign decent ?

Edited by TheIrish77 (25 January 2018 @ 09:14 GMT)

Nice nice nice.

Congrats buddy

At final tables where people have shallow chipstacks in relation to the blinds, it's a dangerous game to play to try and be table bully. One loss and you go from 1st to last... It's more about being selectively aggressive... opening up your shoving ranges slightly, but not drastically... and basically just applying pressure to get the job done.

A few crazy hands in there, but on the whole, I think you had the better end of the luck. I would say you were running around 20% above EV, even with the AA losing to A7.

Great result anyway man Thumbs Up

Edited by yout85 (25 January 2018 @ 09:43 GMT)

Yeah thanks mate it was a bit longer than expected with some seriously bad beats. AA vs A7 and they spike trips on turn how many times has that happened recently ? Too many for my count.

Took home $84.19 for this win and with only 1.10$ invested I'd say this was a rather big return on my investment.

I got super lucky the last hand obviously A3 vs KK but the gods wanted me to win this small run that's for sure

Thanks to anyone else who railed and the return of Yout85 has seemed to light a fire under my ass once again. hope this is sign of things too come.

Been playing really well with no really decent scores coming my way but I held fast with the beliefs that my game is on the right path now and that i am making right decisions a good percentage of the time now.

Night night all, time for some shut eye as it's now 445am est in Toronto.

congrats irish, now get some 4 figure score Blink

What a fantastic achievement, Irish. Big congratulations! After several weeks of busting at very late stages you finally managed to win a tournament. . Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Hope you will continue your streak and move up in limits. Good luck!

Posted by TheIrish77:
Streaming today at all ?

Literally nothing I can find to play, so nopeeeee

Thanks everyone, everything finally came together for my firs twin of 2018 and feels to good to finally break that bubble. I will continue to run through Micros and low limit MTT's over the next couple of months and try to run this my BR up to a place i feel comfortable in adjusting my buy-in's.

Oh that's too bad Yout. would love to watch some streaming as my girlfriend is working from home today and using the CPU till later this evening so no play till late night again for me, which is fine since there's way less people to get through in the early hours of the morning.

Did anyone else every get one of the these stars winning moments videos? Pretty funny stuff but pretty cool at same time that they put these little things together for there players. Still would rather have old stars back but this was nice.

Trying to run up the few cents I have on 888 so I can play a tourney or two on there.... I'll let you know if I'm successful Thumbs Up

KQo vs A8o, K6s
- Seriously? The player 6 called all three street with King Six of Hearts? Unbelievable!
AJo vs 99
- A small dent in your stack...
AKo vs A8o
- LOL at the player 7 who limped A8 off from UTG+1. What was s/he thinking? The Queen of Spades (one of the prettiest cards in the deck) on the river. Absolutely fantastic!

Very nicely played, TheIrish77.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (28 January 2018 @ 02:50 GMT)


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