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Sharkscope,Poker Pro Labs whats your meaning  0   
Hello,i want ask you what is your meaning to sites like Sharkscope and Poker Pro Labs and other sites like these sites.

I'm playing Poker now many years and my meaning is they are not really useful.
They have Pokerstats right but not the full stats of all Games.Many Tourneys are not tracked so a statistic there not have the full stats is in the end not really useful it's my meaning whats is yours.

Edited by watoba (28 January 2018 @ 22:32 GMT)

Sometimes they may be useful, but I don't use them much. Usually I use them several times in a month just to check my stats or someone's whos play I liked. But these sites are not much useful while you are sitting at the table, just for curiosity.

I also noticed this because i beat my nick in pokerstars or 888 poker and not all good games are listed in this list. There are many players and i have the impression that their software is very hard to keep a correct list. The answer you can get from them because they can give you a good answer.

I dont use them often but do have my stats locked out of tracking sites for pokerstars. Just dont wanna give anyone any extra info on myself at the tables

I used to be a regular user of sharkscope when I was playing full time because I did like to go have a look of the stats of the players with whom I was playing sitngos but now things are different and I no longer need it as I only play occasionally Mtts.

It's great to figure out if your opponents are recreational players or not... then you can adjust their ranges accordingly...

It's very much like a HUD... The stats are only useful if you know what you're looking for and what they mean.

If you don't spend money on one of those programs that allow to "follow" your opponents by registering all of their moves, in order to help you play against them, this is the free way you have to know a bit more about who you are dealing with at the tables.

any sort of information can be good if you know how to use it. sure the problem with these sites might be that the information that you are getting is not totally accurate, and you have to readjust a little bit knowing this in advance, I have nothing against them, cool tool to have in your arsenal.

Thats what i mean the information can be useful when there a really have the full stats,but what say the stats when they are not complet ,they say nothing or they give you are wrong information.

Example : you are in a tournament and only a few players on the tables and its break.So you can use the time to get a few information about a player.
You go to Sharkscope and you see the stats from the MTT and you see the player have win nothing in 100 games or he cash 1 or 2 Times a little bit.So what you think about him.Hm OK maybe a beginner

But you see not that he win 1500$ in 10 Freerolls and a lot of little winnings in 50 other tournaments
OK when you can see these stats to I think you will have a little bit more attention to the player.

By me its a lot of money in 10 years of playing Poker by different sites they are not tracked by Sharkscope

For these year i have by 888 lost over 2 $ but i win over 20$ in different Freerolls they are not tracked
On one day i cash in 3 Freerolls 6$/2.5$/0.4$ but they tracked only the 2.5$

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