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That's right your boy TheIrish77 is back at it after last night's nightmare finish in the 3.30 PKO Turbo.

Sitting around 38th current with about 70 runners left. Locked up over 10$ so far so more profits.

Be back shortly when all said and done.

Nevermind pushed KJ suited and got called by AK and donezo. Out in 62nd place for a payout of $8.09 plus $3.75 in bounties so doubled my money.

Got some chips in the Hot $1.10 1k gtd approaching the cash bubble so maybe another cash.

Also playing the $3.30 turbo PKO 1.5K gtd and have some chips as well just about a 1k over average stack.

So could be a good night if everything holds up.

Just doubled up with pocket Queens in the hot $1.10 and now top 70 stack....

Just hit a huge triple up in The $3.30 Turbo PKO after hitting a boat on flopwith pocket 7's...

Just got bounced from the Hot $1.10 when i got shoved on with 2 7 against A10 and they hit 7 to seal the deal made only $2.49 but still doubled up so not bad.

Cashed of runs so far so on point for more profit.

close to bubble in the $3.30 PKO Turbo only 17 away now. made 4.51 in profit so far just form bounties. Just got Aces and hit trips on turn against pocket JJ and held now 36 of 78 with 63 paid out another profit here as well.

Just cashed the $3.30 Turbo PKO now and now out. got short and had to push A8 suited and got called by better and they hit on turn to win. Took home $7.54 for this run so a bit more profit, it all adds up i guess. Nothing too big yet but looking for that one big cash still.

Just burst the bubble now in a $1.10 400$ gtd Hyper-Turbo. sitting around 38th with 80 left to go. No profit yet though as i used 3 bullets so far. $94.86 up top for the win.

out in 38th. Payout of $2.92. A0 vs QJ suited and they turn flush.

Another good run but can't get back over the hump to win another run.

Might play a few more before bed.

Edited by TheIrish77 (30 January 2018 @ 07:07 GMT)

Another good set of results and a thoroughly profitable day. Your levels of concentration are huge and i don't think i could stay so focussed for such a long time and in so many of these time consuming tournaments

Thanks double for the positive words mate@

Definitely on a bit of a decent run currently and need to take advantage of it and cash much more than i have.

Playing a Sunday Storm 5+R Stars Coin turbo and sitting 2nd currently with top 5 getting tickets. Hope the run good continues and i can grab a chance at some big money sunday! and it wont cost me anything other than stupid coins.

Be back to update later.

Sitting 3 of 88 in this SS Satellite here double. Just hit add-on for this run so no more reloads for these bums. Time to take control and rock another final table here.

Would be my 2nd one this month or maybe 3rd not sure on that one.

2 of 57 now in SS satty

Edited by TheIrish77 (30 January 2018 @ 08:53 GMT)

You started your day good and still running good.
The first tournament of the day was a 5.50 buy in, not one of your usual ones Sad
But i think you have said in an earlier post you are going to raise the buy ins.
Good luck with the rest of the games.

QQ vs 88
- A perfectly safe flop. No runner-runner, no BS.

77 vs A9o, 66, AQo
- Well done on kicking out two players simultaneously.

AA vs JJ
- It's a bit overkill, LOL. Nice one.

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