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Tom Dwan and Soon-to-be Wife Spends Quality Time in Australia

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Posted on 05 February 2018 by "T".
Not that it's supposed to be a secret, but on the final weekend of January Tom "durrrr" Dwan shared via his Twitter account that he is currently in Australia, where he's been spending quality time with his soon-to-be wife. Dwan tweeted to his 157,000+ followers that this past Saturday, he's currently in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He also admitted that he had played ‘almost no poker' in[...]   Read more » Tom Dwan and Soon-to-be Wife Spends Quality Time in Australia

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Never understood and never will, why so many people, have to publish anything from
heir private or personal life.
Just keep a few things for your selves, family and close friends.
There are some lines. Smile

It is very good to have vacations from time to time and rest from poker .. so I'm right now, resting from so many losses in poker, hehehehe I'm out without a dollar, my last $ 10 left in partypoker.

if Tom Dwan has 157,000 followers on twitter it is normal for him to post more often happenings of his life. He does this because it is normal on social sites and as a sign of respect for these followers. Normal people do the same thing. This is fashion from our days. Blink

How nice does Australia look in these photos? It really is a beautiful picture and i would love to go and visit one day. I can't believe that Tom Dwan hasn't played any poker when he was there

And why exactly this is normal for you? Or for him if that matters?
Respect? This is why everyone does it? To show respect? Are you serious?
I know lots of normal people, and none of them does that.
Cause simply they dont care, to publicize their life.

if you do not want people to publicize their life is your personal opinion. If you were a star just like tom dwan so as not to disappoint fans you would have posted pictures with you and your beloved or husband. Since he has many followers what he should do? to ignore it? as i said, is normal because many people do that in twitter, facebook or another site. I have overcome the past when we using only the chat. Times change. Tom dwan must respect the fans like another professional player or another stars.

Well, I think that if Tom Dwan wouldn't like the publicity, he would never agree to become a signed poker star. We all are different, some of us like to share information about our personal life, and some don't. Both ways are normal, from my point of view.

Guess what? More times to publicize your private life - including your holiday patterns and so on - the greater the risk will be that some unexpected 'guests' will show up at your home while you and your family are not there. It's insane that rich people keep doing this.

Wow good to see that Tom has a normal good life beside poker and I hope Gus Hansen follow this too, I mentioned him there because I remember and will always remember their rivalry at FTP high stakes tables...

at last now all the world knows who she is- her name is durrrswife, cool name, no wonder tom thought that she was sent to him from above, not everyday one can meet a woman named so appropriately. congrats to tom and durrrswife.

Is being a celebrity a dream or a nightmare? There are some disadvantages of being rich and famous. One of the downsides is that it's extremely difficult to maintain your privacy once you become well-known to the public in the current digital age we live in.

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after I saw the documentary of the Nossebliss and saw this young man play in high quality and with small performasces I started to follow even more the life and the poker of this rapaiz that hits head on with all giants of the world-wide poker

if his future wife shares his passion for poker, then it will not interfere with his game ... although in any case it will have some kind of influence on him .... we can only watch how his game changes in connection with this event ... and his game will change .... I think so

Never wanted to be a star. Being rich yes, but star no.
I do not care about fans or having followers at all.
And speaking of it what exactly is a star?
Not to mention that in comparison to some others he is a nobody.
Who exactly outside the poker world, knows who he is?

I said another professional player or other stars. In poker Tom Dwan is a star. In other professions such as actors, musicians, athletes falls into the category of other stars as i said above. I understand that you do not want to display personal life pictures on social sites. It's okay, i do the same but if i was a well-known poker player, i would have posted. In the poker world he is known by millions of players. Dwan is something in the world of poker.

You are not doing the same.
By your words you are not doing that now, cause you have nothing to show at
the moment.
But you would if you had. There is a huge difference here.
You are not talking about beliefs or values here....
You are opportunistic.

the value of tom dwan must not be disputed he has done a lot in his career even if some people consider him to be bankrupt. played on beautiful sums and has earned significant sums. If i had earned 100 k or 200 i would have paid the taxes and i would have enjoyed that money but tom dwan has
continued to play and he did not think about money. That's why he has so many fans and he's something in the poker world. There is nothing wrong. I am anonymous and would like to remain anonymous. If i played in major live tournaments and finish on the first position one game or two i would have taken pictures with me and my beyonce. In life you must take advantage when necessary. The opportunity should not be missed. Blink

WILL THAT MARRY that and be lucky because this guy besides being a player of the good still can get a cat of that fasse I wanted to have it rsrsrsrrsrsrrrrsss

Australia! That's cool! It is summer and warm in Australia when it is winter and cold in the northern hemisphere. Congratulations to a beautiful couple. May your lives together be filled with joyful brightness and plenty of love.

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