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Phil Hellmuth ‘obnoxious and cheap', says Uber driver

Phil Hellmuth is famous for winning 14 WSOP bracelets so far and has over $22 million in live tournament earnings under his belt, but one Uber driver thinks he's obnoxious and cheap. It was during the weekend when a certain screengrab of an Uber driver took the poker community's attention. You would normally expect a happy story based on a smiley shot, but instead it details the driver's horrible[...]   Read more » Phil Hellmuth ‘obnoxious and cheap', says Uber driver

Phil Hellmuth ‘obnoxious and cheap', says Uber driver  0   
I wonder how much truth there is to this story and, if he did not tip the driver, he should be ashamed of himself. With all that money he has, a nice tip would have gone a long way

it's possible that Hellmuth is such a pig ... unless of course it's true .... of course if you could initially talk to Helmut and explain that he was not right then there would not be this news .... like that small event and since more interesting events there is no need to publish this

Who knows what happened. She may even got a small tip considered it as no tip Smile
I really dont understand people always expecting a tip from someone,
just because they are rich...
But she took the picture though.

we all know this phil hellmuth offend players at tables or cry to his wife when something does not like it. I'm not surprised that he left garbage in that uber car. This is his character... If he had a good character, he would not leave garbage in the car. He is probably believed to be a star too much and does not make an effort to gather garbage. Shame on you phil Tongue

When I am in a country where a gratuity is customary, I almost always tip discreetly for services rendered in a restaurant, bar, strip club, salon, massage parlor, motel/hotel, etc. (There is no custom of tipping in Japan.)

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what to talk about the hellmuth inside the game one of the best outside of it mem so much more in my opniao that and take of foot for it to be good and the people is with siumes and does this also I suffer from this to qui ma my city

Well, she should have known that these people like many things but selfies probably ain't one of them. So honestly this time I am with Hellmuth who was kind of thinking that allowing the girl taking the photo and having 'bragging rights' after is enough of a gratuity itself.

reading some things on the subject came to the conclusion that the guy is very persecuted by many just why the guy and winner why it's just to appear more he does not help the f**k rapaiz

It depends iff the taxidriver,....was talking about all the bad beats he had,..
And that he always laughed when that happend,..because off his rage Big Smile Big Smile
I can imagine that phill wouldnt give him a tip then,..
so ,....whos got the real story whatreally happend in the Cab Big Smile

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